IVF Background.

To those of you who have not been meticulously following my Instagram posts, we’d like to share a little background on why we’ve chosen this path.

Before Zoram and I ‘re’met, I had already had three beautiful girls. Each of those girls during my pregnancy caused a little more problems. Finally, on my last child, my OBGYN advised it wouldn’t be safe to have another child. She suggested tying my tubes. At the time, I was all for it because who doesn’t want to never take birth control again. HELLO ladies, come on! I tied my tubes and I didn’t think I would ever look back. And I didn’t, until he came along.

When he came along it was like everything changed. My girls loved him, we had great conversation and our relationship was thriving. There has been only one point in our relationship in which we almost split. His dream was military and children. My dream was no children, and I wasn’t ready to be in a long distance relationship. That difference in wants and desires took us two days to work through. But, we did it. His love for the military continued but his desire to go changed once he bonded with the girls. My desire to have children however, remained unchanged.

It wasn’t until we truly were all in to the relationship that the idea of fulfilling his needs became a desire. Zoram has no children of his own and it wouldn’t be fair of me to ask him to never have children, so we both made a sacrifice. We looked into IVF for months before deciding, and when we decided we moved quickly.

After our wedding in December, we realized that if we waited too much longer our desired age ranges would be a little skewed. We didn’t wait, and here we are three months into our journey, waiting until Tuesday to come so we can actually know if we’re pregnant or not.

There’s so much more about IVF that we would love to share, and we’ll dive into that soon.

XO – Sabrina

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