Spring Break Blues.

It’s mid-March and we all know what means…


Spring break could be glorious. For some families, they take trips to Disneyland or Disney World or they see family in other states. For us, at least this year, Spring Break brings the blues. Why the blues, you ask?

This year, we will not be going anywhere. I work 5 days out of the 7 days they are off. Zoram works 6 out of the 7 days they are off. Which means, no fun trips for us.. no special stories for them to tell when they get back to school.

As a parent, that last sentence there could be a killer. I know for me, not doing anything on spring break is killer! In prior years we’ve made trips to the ostrich ranch, little carnivals, Disneyland and so much more. I can’t do that this year. Will they hate me for it? Probably not. Will they be over it in less than a week? You bet’cha!

Parents hold on to memories, both bright and sunny as well as those that are dark and grey. Yet, when we hold on to those dark and grey memories we tend to beat ourselves up over them. And again, we compare our experiences as a parent to others Instagram or Facebook posts.

We must understand that we are enough. Are trips fun, of course they are! But, is dinner on the table enough every evening. Are your children grateful to see you come home after an extremely long day, yes they are! Let that resonate within you, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

XO – Sabrina

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