Confirmation Day!

Does any one remember being a kid the day before a big event? Whether that day was Christmas, your birthday, heck even the first day of school – you were so excited!

That my friends is how I feel today. I am on the edge, I am bouncing off the walls!

Tomorrow is the day we find out if we are “truly” pregnant! Let’s review the symptoms, shall we?

  • Nauseous
  • Extreme Exhaustion
  • Some Pain in Lower Abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Cravings/Aversions to Foods

This list of symptoms has come with all the ups and downs.

On the first day of transfer, I had some major back pain with nausea. I felt the transfer took and was excited beyond belief! However, that quickly subsided when some light spotting occurred on day five, and day six. This spotting would continue for several days even warranting a progesterone increase. The good news was the progesterone was chugging right along. Though for safety’s sake, the doctor determined it would be best to up the PIO (Progesterone In Oil) to 1.5 and add an additional pill of progesterone three times daily. (While I’m writing this I’m realizing I left all three of those pills at home today. Insert face palm here.)

There are several reasons why the bleeding could have occurred. One of the biggest reasons would be that both embabies stuck! This would mean we are carrying twins. Typically 1 in 4 women bleed with twin pregnancies in the first 3 months. We’re holding on to this shred of hope!

If you’ve read up on IVF much, most women say the two week wait is the worst part of in vitro. Why? Most of them are doing IVF because of multiple miscarriages or loss of pregnancies. We are not one of those couples. In fact, before having my tubes cut, tied, and burned I had no issues getting pregnant. So transfer seemed like it would be a breeze to us.

Now, don’t think I made you read this far and wouldn’t let you in on our little secret. Also, don’t think that we’re patient enough to wait two weeks to have a blood test to confirm the pregnancy! HA! NOPE!

We did not wait! At 5 days post transfer, we tested and were negative.

At 7 days post transfer, we had a very faint line but a line none the less!

At 9 days post transfer we had a bright line show up!

TA – DA!

We’re still waiting on the blood draw – this will be tomorrow. Until then, celebrate with us!

XO – Sabrina

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