Simplicity in Food.

Let’s be honest, I am no Top Chef. I cannot beat Bobby Flay. I will never compete on Guy’s Grocery Games (though I really, really want to!). It’s just not me! I’m more of the ‘I saw a recipe on Pinterest, I didn’t read it but I tried to make it my style’ type of gal. Ya feel me?!

Now that you know my style, let’s talk about what I do to keep mi familia healthy. It’s simple, I promise.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s a recipe with a TON of ingredients. I really speak to the KISS method. Keep It Simple Sabrina! That’s why when I went to my meal prep for my work weekend, I went to my Fixate Vol. 2 cookbook. Autumn Calabrese with her brother, Bobby, have made some culinary genius when it comes to food and nutrition. However, you don’t need to be a genius to cook the dishes in this book.

The book contains a variety of recipes that you can use to replace your every day food items. Which is why, when I played a game with social media the day it was such a hit! Lots of my followers said they could never give up sugar to eat healthy, and let’s be honest that is not ‘their’ fault. Food these days is made to be addictive and its made with SUGAR! So, when some said they could never give up their sweet treats I countered with delightful dessert recipes!

When another said they could never give up breakfast sandwiches, I countered with a healthier version of that frozen crap they’d been eating. When someone said potato chips, I said awesome – let’s talk about making your own pretzel chips instead!

The point of all this is that, food is simple. You do not need any elaborate recipe, you don’t need a fancy grocery store. You just need to know what you’re eating in order to make healthy changes. Which is why I prepped two recipes out of my Fixate book for my weekend of work.

The first recipe is a broccoli salad. If you know me, or my kids, you know we LOVE our broccoli and when a fellow coach highlighted the recipe earlier in the week I had to have it! This recipe was ridiculously simple. Your ingredients are: turkey bacon, red onion, broccoli florets, celery, almonds and medjool dates. Chop those all up and throw ’em in a bowl and you have your base! For the dressing I can almost guarantee you have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now. You’ll need: dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, water, olive oil, salt and pepper, onion powder and xanthan gum. You combine majority of the ingredients (minus the olive oil), and then blend with an immersion blender while slowly pouring in the oil. Toss the salad in it and call it delicious!

The second recipe is actually a breakfast recipe. Did I mention this cookbook has breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, holidays and even cocktail recipes?! Well, if I didn’t now I did! The second recipe is a simple sweet potato hash. Again, I tend to look at pictures and recreate my own. This week I am craving a bit of heat so I tossed in jalapeños! You’ll need sweet potatoes, onion, bell pepper, garlic, and seasonings such as paprika. You start by sautéing the onion and bell pepper, in my case jalapeño, to softness. Fun tip – the recipe calls for boiling the potatoes, and I just don’t have patience for that. Instead, I poke a bit of the potatoes to pop in the microwave. You’ll want to pop them in for 2 mins at a time and then turn. BE CAREFUL! The potatoes will be HOT! Once the potatoes are all done, I diced them up and threw them in my skillet. Simple right?! A couple of stirs and you are done.

Now, for those of you are pro-chef’s don’t fret. The dessert recipe Almond Milk Granita sounds like your type of recipe – scrape a pan every 30 mins for like 3-4 hours? HA! I just can’t do it. This cookbook truly has something for every one!

If you’d like to know more about the cookbook, or the program that it accompanies reach out! You’ll never know what you can do unless you say YES to an opportunity!

XO – Sabrina

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