I’m not exaggerating when I say in the past two years my family has been through A LOT. In the past two years we’ve lost my dad, an uncle, family friends, a grandparent and in between that we’ve almost lost an important piece of our family as well. Just recently, we’ve lost an aunt.

Now, you’d think after all that death we’d be foolish to not seek help or deal with our own grief. The truth is we were so busy, with one thing after another and another that we haven’t had the chance. Which leads me to this post..

Grief is like waves of the ocean. Sometimes the grief is calm and you can contain it. Other times, the grief is overwhelming and it doesn’t stop. Which is exactly what happened to me last night. The grief was so overwhelming that I just couldn’t stop. It took me almost half an hour to gather myself and realize that the grief was calming again. Just like the tides, it receded and I was fine.

That’s just the way grief works, right? Grief doesn’t leave no matter how much time has passed, but there are several ways you can handle it.

First and foremost, try not to hold it all in. Instead, seek help. Many of my friends allowed me to cry on their shoulders or through text message for several nights. Second, take care of you. Many times grief allows us to stop caring about ourselves, but taking care of ourselves can help handle grief. Third, try not to make any major decisions in the middle of a wave of grief.

There is no way to predict grief, like I said, grief is similar to the waves of the ocean. It comes, and it goes but the ocean doesn’t stop. Each day it goes on and on.

XO – Sabrina

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