Here It Is!

I know you’ve all been scoping Instagram all day, and refreshing our Facebook’s looking for an update. But, you know I wouldn’t do that without a blog post right?!

We went to the doctor this morning, expecting nothing, anticipating everything.

It should be no surprise to me right, I’ve had three kids of my own. I swore I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t worried. Okay, yeah right. When they called my name, I swore my heart was ready to beat right out of my chest! Zoram, on the other hand, swears he wasn’t nervous, not one bit. You should have saw his face after the doctor left the room. HA!

So, the long anticipated wait is over. Here is our big news!

Yup, that’s right! There’s two! For now… See, here’s the thing. IVF pregnancy is fragile as is. And it’s not uncommon to have a twin ‘vanish’. So don’t go running out and buying two of everything the doctor says… It’s all a waiting game. We’ll now see the doctor once a week, and have weekly ultrasounds. Whoo!

We look forward to continuously sharing our journey with you.

XO – Sabrina

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