3 Lesson I’ve Learned From IVF

Before having my tubes tied, you could call me fertile Myrtle. No joke, just look at me and I could probably get pregnant. HA! But, after having my tubes tied and now finding the love of my life I couldn’t imagine actually getting pregnant again.

In steps in-vitro fertilization! I never thought I would need to see a reproductive specialist in order to get pregnant so here are three lessons I learned while doing so!

#1 – IVF is not ‘well known’.

While IVF has become increasingly popular, it’s not widely known about as I thought. When I first started explaining our story, so many questions came in about IVF, what is it, why am I doing it, etc. IVF is a method of assistance for those who have trouble conceiving on their own. The woman bears most of the work, making multiple eggs, retrieving those eggs and then carrying the fertilized embryos to term. Perhaps the coolest part is the option to select your gender, which was important to me. It’s a lengthy process in which most is not covered by insurance. Depending on where you go, IVF can cost as little as $5,000 and as much as $40,000.

#2 – No body is the same.

Literally, no one persons body is the same. Should all females function in the same manner, yes. However, infertility is said to effect 7.4 million women. This isn’t a numbers game, this is every day life. I read articles daily and thought my body should be reacting the same way as some stranger on the internets was. I worried constantly for no reason. IVF is all about making adjustments to your body that work for you and only, you. Medications, dates of retrieval, etc, all of it is dependent on you.

#3 – Judging is so real!

Y’all this is the last lesson and I’m gonna lay it on you. Judgement is SO real when your trying to have a baby and when you’re newly pregnant. Here’s the deal though, you get to decide how you handle that judgement. For me, the judgement came from those who thought we had ‘too’ many kids. The honest truth is, we do have a lot of kids. However, our family wouldn’t be complete with out a boy..or, two. So when people asked why, I told them the truth. I grinned and beard it no matter what they had to say. When people said, “wouldn’t you rather spend the money on something else”, I simply replied no. Besides, I’m bargain shopping – two for the price of one! 😉 So whether you choose to share your story, or keep it to yourself just keep in mind, everyone judges everything.

These are just three lessons I’ve learned via IVF. Maybe you’ll come across and read this prior t your treatment, if so, I hope it helps you.

XO – Sabrina

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