6 Weeks BUMP-Date!

Gooooood morning all!

And happy Monday! Monday’s are so fun right, I’m sure your probably saying “ha, she’s so wrong I hate Monday’s!” You’re right, your Monday may suck because your perspective of Monday’s has been etched into you. My Monday’s never suck because it’s the start of a fresh week, a chance to make this week my b*t%h!

Anywho, back to our original subject. Happy 6 weeks of pregnancy to us!

Saturday was the 6 week mark, and let me tell you… as of Sunday, 6 weeks hit me like a freight train!

Insomnia? You got it!

Fatigue? Here it is!

Morning sickness? You betcha!

Sensitive boobs? Yup!

I thought I was pretty lucky up until Saturday. I thought I’d have a smooth pregnancy. HA, HA, HA, laughs Mother Nature.

Sunday, the smell of coffee made my stomach turn. But, I drank it anyway. I managed to sip, then be queasy. Sip, then queasy. Sunday’s breakfast is always big and bold for our house. The girls requested French toast, bacon, sausage, and juice. And throughout the whole process of cooking it, I was ready to run to the restroom. Luckily, that didn’t happen. But, when making my own breakfast… I wanted eggs! Or so I thought. Those eggs quickly became Zoram’s. For lunch, ah forget it, I didn’t even have lunch. I did have frozen peaches and cream, which hit the spot and didn’t even make me want to stop eating! YAY!

When dinner rolled around, I swore I wanted burgers. It sounded so good. But, by the time they were cooked I smelt the burgers, the twins said “nope”. Poor Zoram who had cooked the food made jokes about my cooking, to which I said I obviously cook better because they like what I cook. 🤣

After waking up at 1 AM, unable to fall asleep, missing my team call at 3 AM because I finally fell asleep….Fast forward to this morning where I sat on the bed sipping water and saltines, not working out like I wanted to. What a disappointment, no working out. This too shall pass, at least I hope.

One thing that’s very different from my last pregnancy is the timing. Usually, in pregnancy, you’ll just now be finding out your pregnant. However, we are not ‘normal’ so we get to see the doctor weekly making this perhaps the longest pregnancy ever.

Next week, we shall start with weekly bump pictures! We hope you enjoy our journey, as much as we are!

PS – Babies are the size of a ladybug!

XO – Sabrina

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