7 Weeks BUMP-Date!

Happy Sunday! I’m going to shift our bump dates to Sunday’s, as our weeks begin on Saturday’s. So here we are!

Our 7 week bump date is small, but mighty!

This pregnancy is so much different than my pregnancies with my girls. It’s very strange to feel pregnant one minute but, not the next. In fact, I’d say that happens on a daily basis.

Some days I wake up feeling so sick, I know I must be pregnant! Other days I’m waking up feeling absolutely nothing making myself question whether I’m pregnant or not. However, we know for sure I am pregnant! With not one, but two boys! How crazy is that right?

I don’t think our minds have fully wrapped around the idea of two. But, I’ve started gathering plans and lists regarding what we will need. Include our must haves like car seats, swings, and what not. My current must have car seat is a Britax B-Safe Ultra. Having heard rave reviews and having the seat be on the thinner side is a huge plus in our book as we still have C in a 5-Point Harness. The second thing on my list that is a must have is a mamaRoo4. This swing-type-thing has just come out when Baby C was born, but has since undergone big updates! It’s on my must have list because every mom deserves an item that has the power to sway not one, but two babies to sleep when we need a nap!

Having two of them makes your budget, really, super tight! We’ll be making larger purchases upfront such as the vehicle, car seats and swings to be able to recoup our finances throughout the pregnancy.

During our ultrasound we were able to see two beating hearts, and right on track development. They couldn’t be better! We did up our prescription of progesterone to ensure our levels stay safe to support the pregnancy.

There’s not much more to report this week, as I mentioned, this will be the longest pregnancy ever! Bump-Date returns next week!

PS – Babies are the size of blueberries!

XO – Sabrina

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