Week 9 & 10 BUMP-Date!

The past two weeks have literally been the worst. Hell, even while I write this I’m sitting here trying to feel better and it’s just not working.

Week 9 BUMP-Date!

Week 9 didn’t bring any huge updates. I still felt awful, in fact I’d even go as far as avoiding getting out of bed at all costs.

Alas, babies were perfectly fine and chugging right along. At this point each baby is about the size of grape.

Week 10 – BUMP-date!

10 weeks! We’re slowly creeping out of the first trimester. S L O W L Y . .

On Wednesday we visited the babies via ultrasound and babies now MOVE! Exciting stuff. Baby A was curled up, but Baby B decided to moon the camera.

In addition to seeing our littles, we also got to see our big girl take 3rd overall in her class for swine showmanship. I’ve never seen her more determined.

For her first year she really rocked it! After her show was over, with the help of our great friends deemed Nana Mindy and Papa Randy we hit the fair rides!

If you don’t already know, Nana and Papa have been in our lives since I was in middle school. When my dad passed away, Papa Randy took my kids in as his own grandkids without missing a beat. And for that, we’re forever grateful. He even took my dads place at my wedding with my grandfather walking me down the aisle. I’m not sure what we would do without our Nana and Papa.

Overall, we’re really happy and blessed to be able to share our journey with all of you. Every moment, all of the ups and downs. Our wins. Our losses.

XO – Sabrina.

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