12 Weeks BUMP-date!

It’s finally here…12 weeks along.

Today was our last appointment with our fertility specialist. Which means we’ve graduated! Our boys are doing great allowing us to go to our OB who will likely refer us to an MFM. An MFM is a pregnancy specialist who specializes in high-risk pregnancy. If you’ve been with us since baby number 3, Caidence, you’ll know that she came early due to a variety of issues. This could make us high-risk.

Many have asked how I am feeling…so, I’ve gotta be honest with all of you.

I haven’t felt amazing. I haven’t felt great. I have had a few minimal good days. But, the last couple of weeks have been pure misery. I am tired, nauseated all day long, I’ve even thrown up more now then ever before. Additionally, other pregnancy “joys” have begun. These include heartburn, lightheaded feelings, and so much more. I try my damndest not to complain. I go to work and sit majority of the night. But, if you see me out and about just know I’m probably trying to hold in the puke.

On to our FAQ’s:

We still have no E name, so feel free to give us suggestions! We’re still looking for the perfect vehicle for us. I haven’t gained weight, I’ve actually lost some. I don’t have a belly yet, and not expecting one for quite some time.

Alas, there are no pictures this week as the twins were super blurry this week!

However, babies are now the size of limes!

XO – Sabrina

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