13 Weeks BUMP-Date!

I’ve been trying to write this update for some time. Basically, my life is living chaos. Every other weekend I work, and every weekend I’m off someone somewhere has something planned for us. We have to be somewhere, go somewhere or do something.

It’s been mentally and physically exhausting. I’m ready to start saying no to engagements, to parties, to baby showers, to practically anything that doesn’t involve me not staying home.

To say I’m exhausted…

Well, that would be an understatement.

To say I’m getting less sick…

Would be a lie.

I miss exercising daily, and I’m even considering quitting the one thing I had a true passion for. Which is really, really a downer to me. I can’t remember the last time I exercised because physically moving makes me sick. I can’t drink my shakes because the texture and smell makes me want to vomit. I hate letting down my coach, my coaches, and my followers.

I would like to be able to workout on my own again, for myself at some point during this pregnancy. Right now, I can’t do that and its not fair for me to hold subject to that standard of coaching.

Now back to the real update…the boys on the other hand are doing amazing! They’re growing, they’re healthy, they’re a pain in the ass already.

Friday we have our NT scan to check babies measurements and look for markers for any of the trisomy’s. This scan will take close to 4 hours with the ultrasound and the follow up with the maternal fetal medicine doctor. It’ll be nice to get an in depth scan of the boys and perhaps get to see their profiles up close!

We will likely see the MFM more than we see our OB, but for now we see her every 4 weeks.

Please bare with me as the next several weeks are booked full of events occurring, and a lake trip (FINALLY!). I will keep up with the blog on my best days. And I will be on Facebook more often then not! Thank you so much for understanding.

XO, Sabrina.

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