15, 16 and so on BUMP-Dates!

Admittedly, I’ve gotten horrible about posting updates.

I’ve been so sick. So tired. So, well I guess…pregnant. That sums it up, right?!

15 weeks were truly awful. I’ve ended up back to vomiting. I’ve lost a bit of weight, and I’m having the hardest time keeping just about anything down. I’ve ended up in the hospital, since released. And I’m just blah!

However, 16 weeks is here! 16 weeks for some reason or another feels like a huge mile stone to me. We should start feeling the boys on a more consistent basis. I should be “popping” out any time. This Friday, we finally get to see the boys again. We will have a 24 hour urine collection date to get a baseline for pre-eclampsia, then we will have bi-weekly cervix checks to ensure the boys are secure inside. Additionally, we need to see our regular OB every two weeks to ensure growth.

Some common questions we’ve been receiving are:

Do you have an E name yet?

To be honest, we don’t. I don’t know that we’re choosing an E name and if we do we’re holding on to that privately until we feel it’s time to announce. We could even pick a D name! *GASP!*

Are you showing yet?

I really thought since there are two of them I would show sooner. I was wrong. At 16 weeks I look maybe more chunky, despite weight loss, but no belly. I’m frustrated, mostly because I want to “feel” pregnant, or maybe just look the part so I can quit complaining HA!

Are you having a baby shower?

The answer to this is yes and no! For me, Sabrina, I won’t be having a baby shower in my honor. Instead, I am hosting a Babies, Brews, and BBQ event for my husband. This is his first ever child, and I feel like he should be celebrated. This won’t be until October.

How are you feeling?

I feel like sh%+ to be honest. But, I’m surviving. And I’m trying hard not to complain much. I’m still vomiting. I’m tired. And I’m ready to throw in the towel. But here I am.

So that’s the end of this BUMP-date, until 17 weeks. We’re becoming more active on Facebook so head on over and give us a follow!

XO, Sabrina.

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