17 Week BUMP-Date!

The 17 Week BUMP date is here y’all!

Let’s catch up shall we…

Baby A – 5 oz, right on track, unwilling to uncross legs. Here’s a picture of his feet….

Baby B – BOUNCING baby boy, literally… the tech took almost 20 minutes just to get a heart rate because he moved every single time! Ridiculous! But, healthy none the less…

I’m still vomiting. A lot. It doesn’t stop. I even took the fancy medication deciglis thinking it would be better. HA! Jokes on me, it was worse.

We haven’t made any headway on the nursery, maybe tomorrow or the next day.

We haven’t found a name yet. Sorry! Suggestion box is always open.

June is a super tough month on me, just yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my dads passing. The events leading up to that day replay in my mind vividly and it haunts me. But, none the less I’m pushing through.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be back to day shift, YAY! Which means a huge shift in sleep, in day to day life and so much more. I’m very excited about this!

And finally, I’m excited to get back to my workouts (GOD WILLING). Even though I’m no longer a coach, I’m really looking forward to rallying up a group who’s ready and willing to be motivational and kick in healthy habits!

More soon,

XO, Sabrina.

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