19 Weeks BUMP-Date!

Well, it’s officially here! We’re halfway through our pregnancy! Shocking, right?! Most women consider 20 weeks the halfway mark. However, for twins, halfway is considered 18-19 weeks. This is generally due to the idea that twins should be delivered by 38 weeks in order to avoid any problems. Which is exactly what our doctor will be doing, delivery at or before 38 weeks.

I have to say, this pregnancy hasn’t been easy. However, we’ve gotten really lucky not to have major issues such as pre-term labor or other complications.

This week we’ve accomplished quite a bit. First, we had a short yet successful ultrasound! Whoo whoo! The boys finally cooperated and Baby B was less active than usual. Thank goodness because this finally set our fears to bed as we got our potty shots! These guys are ALL boy! What a sigh of relief, especially for this mommy!

The second thing we’ve accomplished is the baby room. For those of you who don’t know, the boys room was originally a den/office that was my dads. Since his death, it’s really become a room of his junk. Our junk. All the junk. And while it’s super hard to go through his things, and place things either in storage or in the trash, we got it accomplished. The room started off completely full, and is now completely empty and we got the flooring out! The next steps include tape and texture, paint, floors and then we can start getting the big items!

The third and final thing we’ve found out about this week is the boys placentas. I have to tell you, I was so stinking excited to have twins because I was excited to feel the movement much sooner than the girls. However, that hasn’t been the case with the boys. In fact we found out at the ultrasound each boy has an anterior placenta. So their kicks and movements have been blocked by basically a large cushion! Luckily we’re able to feel baby b the most at the top of my abdomen, and baby a when laying on my side.

This week the boys are each about the size of an heirloom tomato. Which YAY means we’re showing…a tiny bit.

I definitely have a larger belly after I’m done eating if I’m able to keep it down.

Some fun facts about the boys:

  • They’re able to hear now!
  • They have functioning kidneys which means they’re able to urinate.
  • They have a wax like substance beginning to form protecting them in utero.

That’s all for this week folks, check in for more fun next week!

XO, Sabrina.

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