20 Week BUMP-Date!

Whew, 20 weeks has FLOWN by!

In a singleton pregnancy, this is the half-way mark. However, like we explained last week, we’ve hit our half-way mark already. So, what’re we up to this week?

Major things coming up this week include our anatomy scan. We go Friday for a time dwelling, 2 hour, anatomy scan. This scan measures the boys each and every bone, their “weight” and their overall well-being. After the scan, we see our MFM which is a fancy acronym for a specialist. There shouldn’t be any big updates here. After that we head over to our regular OB for a check-up. What a day Friday is going to be!

The boys have finally began to move, sometimes this is a lot, other times not so much. Because both boys have anterior placentas, we probably wont feel a ton of movement till 24 weeks or so. But, the one big movement we did have Zoram got to feel and that in itself was life changing.

Another major thing is…I AM BACK TO DAY SHIFT! Whooo! well, I guess a little whoo. I was super excited, but I forgot how expensive day shift can be. Childcare is taken care of for now, but boy will it become more difficult when the boys are born.

Minor things…

I have yet to gain a pound. But, the boys are certainly poking out more these days. No pictures to prove such though!

The pressure of the boys has increased incredibly. My guess is that Baby A has changed positions causing Baby B to push further up and causing this pressure. Guess we’ll find out on Friday!

Babies are now each the size of banana’s!

That’s all for this week folks, looking forward to our big update next weekend!

Xo, Sabrina.

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