21 Week BUMP-date!

21 Week Bump Date is here!

What’s new this week?! Well, not a whole lotta. But, let’s get started.

I’ve had many people ask how our anatomy scan went. I think it went okay…and here’s why…

It was two plus hours, and baby B would not cooperate at all. Two plus hours on your back in an uncomfortable chair is not ideal anytime, but especially not when pregnant. It was uncomfortable and nauseating. When baby B wouldn’t cooperate we tried cold water, walking, and four flights of stairs. Still…nothing. The only thing we did catch a great glimpse of is Baby B’s ears which are definitely dads! So baby B gets to go back for his missing shots.

As far as sickness, has it slowed down? Yes…is it completely gone? Nope! I still get sick at least twice daily.

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about a bump..

I’m gonna be honest here. I’ve gained a total of 3 lbs so far. But, I still don’t have a “bump”. I will try to get a picture this week to clarify for you all. The “bump” is certainly more pronounced after I eat though!

The biggest scare we’ve had so far was a simple cervical length check. Two weeks ago our measurement was 4.33 which was really really good! But this week, we measured in at 2.17. I’ve never seen a specialist come flying in the room so fast. They rechecked and it was just slightly longer at 3.33. Which is better, but not by much. Anything lower and we’ll have to be monitored even more closely!

Other than that there isn’t much to update on.

Babies are the size of a carrot! 🥕🥕

Xo, Sabrina.

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