23 Week BUMP-Date!

It appears as though the weeks are flying by now!

23 weeks have come, and gone. We’re starting to prepare for the perhaps inevitable… pre-term birth. The boys have tried to escape twice. Luckily, nothing major has ensued as of yet.

To prepare there are several things we need to do, or rather should do prior to their births. The main things we need to do include the nursery, purchasing car seats, cribs and weighting up the boys.

Currently, each boy is still under 1 lb. Under doc’s orders, I should be eating roughly 2,650 calories a day. Guess what’s not happening? I’m not eating 2,650 calories a day. Perhaps because its impossible! I’m still vomiting 2-3x a day and I’m truly just not “hungry”. I consider myself lucky if I get breakfast and lunch in, and perhaps a very small dinner. I’m working on this, I swear!

Luckily, I have a great support system of people both at home and at work. Just today, a lovely friend recommended ice cream, all of the ice cream. I do love Smoothie King’s “The Hulk”… mostly because it’s made of ice cream. Too bad I already did my grocery shopping for the week. *UGH!* We’ll also be trying both the Ensure and Boost drinks to try to help.

Baby B was still not fully cooperative at this week’s ultrasound. We’re still missing two shots of his palate and heart. This week both boys have changed positions, luckily they still have time to change positions again. As of this week, both boys are breech. I may or may not be secretly hoping they stay in this position thus requiring a c-section. Don’t scold me, it’s early in the game and who really wants to push two babies out of their hoo-ha?

Baby B Profile

The truth is this ya’ll.. I will be updating you constantly via this blog, our Facebook and our Instagram pages. HOWEVER, I am so freakin’ tired, I’m exhausted, and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Like contractions wise, I gotta take care of me and babies first, right? So, that’s what we’re doing now. We’re taking care of us first.

Zoram at 23 Weeks

XO, Sabrina.

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