26 Weeks BUMP-Date!

Well, 26 Weeks has come and gone. We don’t have a whole lot to update on but let’s get started!

First… Isn’t it crazy that anywhere from four to ten weeks and these boys will be earth side! Hopefully no sooner than four weeks but we shall see! These boys have already given us a few runs for our money from trying to escape, to baby B being on the smaller side and now battling early signs of preeclampsia.

Second, we took out the flooring in the boys nursery, scraped up all the grout and bought mud for the walls. Next up is redoing the drywall, paint and then floors. Once we have this all done we can start assembling the nursery which I am actually really excited for! We have so far gotten two cribs, two rockers, and lots of diapers with wipes!

Third, we’re keeping a baby pool! Ha, ha, not the one’s that babies actually swim in silly! It’s a betting game that we’ll be playing from now until the babies are born. We’re doing this not only to fund raise for formula and any other necessities, we’re also doing this to have a heck of a lot of fun! We’re taking guesses from now until whenever and at $3 a guess you really can’t beat it! Plus, UNLIMITED guesses! Half will go to babies and half will go to the winner. The winner is determined by the closest date!

Finally, There is a whole heck of a lot going on in our day to day lives that we’re starting to turn down events. Not only because I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable, but also because we’ve tightened our budget quite a bit. So if we say no, please don’t think we’re not supportive or anything like that we’re just doing what’s best for all of us.

Thanks for reading ya’ll. We’ll post a bump picture later today! Stay tuned and feel free to message us about the pool if you want in!

XO, Sabrina

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