28 Week BUMP-Date!


What’s happening this week in our BUMP date?

Hello and welcome back to The Regular Ruiz’s. We have a quick bump date for you. We’re T-Minus 4-10 weeks from being done! And while that seems like a long time, I promise you we’re freaking out over here!

We’re currently on semi-permanent bed rest due to the boys attempting to escape. One could argue it’s not their fault as we’ve found I have an extremely irritable uterus. The great news is the boys are still inside and happy.

So, while on bedrest I’ll be doing absolutely nothing..no, seriously. I’m not allowed to even stand up more than ten minutes. 😑 But we’re getting prepared for the room to be started, the house to be full and our hearts to be happy.

That’s all for this week.

XO, Sabrina.

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