29 Week BUMP-Date

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

I should start with, I knew there would be risks going into this pregnancy. However, I have a lot of faith in my OB and I wanted to be able to fulfill our families dream of completion.

We took this risk in good faith and have zero regrets.

Just shy of two weeks ago, we were placed on bedrest. And not jus the rest while you’re not at work kind. Unfortunately, we’ve hit the absolute bedrest until babies are born kind. This puts a huge financial stress on us, even though I’m not supposed to be stressing. (Insert eye roll here). I know, I know it’ll all be okay. It’s just tough! I don’t wasn’t expecting to be out of the game this early.

Furthermore, the babies are expected anywhere from two weeks from now to seven weeks from now. Would we prefer seven weeks from now, heck yes! However, we’re also prepared for the worst case scenario. They seem to be cozy so long as I’m not sitting upright, standing, or doing much of anything at all. Ha, I’m not kidding. Any thing other than resting kicks up some Braxton-Hicks that develop into contractions. Additionally, we’re facing pregnancy related tachycardia. So, when I say I “can’t breathe” it’s just my heart going from 90’s to 160’s…

Here’s a bump pic for y’all. It’s not much but they’re in there!

I don’t have much else of an update y’all. I’ll be here in bed.. if y’all have any ideas on what I can do besides Netflix and chill… you just send them my way!

XO, Sabrina.

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