Our Birth Story

If you haven’t seen our Facebook or Instagram pages, SURPRISE! The boys have arrived!

What started as a normal appointment for a routine check up, turned into much more. If you recall, I had been battling a headache for more than a month. Nothing touched the headache, even fiorcet which helped me to sleep but nothing more. My OB wanted to get us to 34 weeks to be on the safe side, and the MFM wanted to get an MRI just to rule out anything neurological. So off to the ER we went thinking we’d get an MRI and go home.

Unfortunately, while waiting in the ER my blood pressure decided to have a few high readings. The ER doesn’t like pregnant women, no seriously they’ll do almost anything to get you to L&D! So, off we went to L&D for more monitoring. At this point, I’ve gotta tell you I was a bit annoyed. I wanted to go back home, take a nap and call it a day. We had still not seen neuro when my OB popped in after a delivery for a quick hello. She wanted to admit me just to get everything done faster. So, with my overnight bag always in the truck, I reluctantly agreed. It was a good thing we did…

The next day, we had blood work in. Neuro in. Hematology in. My platelets have always been deteriorating since day one of pregnancy. But, after spending literally the entire weekend before at the hospital, they began rapidly destroying. I lost 10K platelets in a day. The MFM ordered a scan of babies just to ensure they’re doing alright. Last minute, he racked on a growth scan just to ensure my platelets, blood pressure, and so much more weren’t effecting babies development.

Unfortunately, that came back quickly. My OB called on the hospital phone…the babies were scheduled to come out the following day at noon via c-section. My first ever… what a nerve racking statement. Both excitement and fear set in. Excitement because the boys would be a reality. Fear because we’re only 32 weeks along. It’s hard to put into words exactly what I was feeling but, we’d get through it.

The following day we had a slew of visitors prior to our big moment. Zoram and my mom came up to be there of course, our grandparents and our long time friend Josie. We rolled into L&D for prep at 10, and we rolled to the OR almost right on time at 12. They made Zoram stay in the hallway while they did a spinal tap on me. I’ve never even had an epidural so, spinal or anything with needles in my back really freak me out. Luckily, my nurse Erin was amazing. She held my hands through the whole thing. Once the spinal tap went in, and they laid me back down…I felt awful. I told the anesthesiologist I didn’t feel well, and it got worse quickly. My blood pressure was headed way up, while my heart rate was headed way down. It was a terrible feeling but, the anesthesiologist was on top of it. He gave me a med, wiped my nose with alcohol, and put a wet washcloth on my head. He didn’t leave my line of sight till I felt better, by the time they let Zoram in I was feeling good again. I could feel them touching me, but nothing major and no pain.

Dax Ramon Ruiz made his debut at 12:24 PM, weighing 3 lbs 13 oz at a whopping 17 1/2 inches long.

Emrick Keith Ruiz made his debut at 12:26 PM, weighing 3 lbs 2 oz and a small 16 inches long.

They both came out screaming. And totally unhappy, see pictures above! They didn’t get to stay in the room long, when they went off to NICU.

Recovery wasn’t horrible for me, I had the shakes but nothing overwhelming. And I was up and walking by the evening hours of the day. I even did a ton of walking yesterday. So far I’ve only needed one Percocet, otherwise ibuprofen only. If all goes well, i’ll be discharged today. The boys on the other hand have a long, long journey ahead of them. We’re looking at weeks to months, but everything can change daily and we are prepared!

That’s all for now folks, we’ll be updating regularly on our social media pages.

XO. Sabrina.

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