A Newfound Appreciation.

It’s been one week. One week of back and forth visits to the NICU. One week of juggling two out of three girls at home, while still getting daily visits in with boys. One week of spending thirty-ish dollars every other day just to have gas to go up to see the boys. It’s been one hell of a week! This week brought a newfound appreciation, and let me tell you it’s a big one.

As most of you know our story, the story of Zoram and I, began way way back in preschool. However, we didn’t actually start dating until our best friends got married. It was an instant click for both of us, but he would tell me “just friends”. Just friends turned into a dinner date, and well..it’s all love birds and kissy faces from there. Zoram took in all three of my girls as his own. He didn’t miss a beat. It was a huge sigh of relief as I was a single parent, and I wasn’t sure what my future held. Heck, even my parents liked him and that was a huge deal!

When my dad passed, Zoram still didn’t miss a beat. He was there constantly helping to make sure we didn’t need anything, picking up the girls, going back and forth to yet another hospital.

When I decided to sell my house, when our future home was uncertain and we didn’t exactly know what to do.. he still stood there.

When we decided I needed a car to go back and forth to pick up the kids, he quickly allowed me to pick out something I could drive, save gas, and he could easily fix.

You guys get the concept right? He’s been a non-stop support system. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when it came to our boys. But, it was. It was a huge surprise that during my c-section he chose to stay while I got stitched up instead of following the boys. It was a huge surprise that he stayed by my side and did whatever I asked. It was a huge surprise that he went home to take care of the girls instead of staying at the hospital so we didn’t have to stress. It was a huge surprise that he made sure I was fine after leaving the hospital, and every day since.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate my husband. He has a whole new role in our family, a role that I wasn’t sure how he’d take on…and he surpassed all of my expectations. When we talk about the NICU taking a toll on parents, but not many people talk about the changed relationship between the parents. No, we don’t talk much about the NICU. It’s an almost unspoken conversation, except for the updates. But, the little things he does is a conversation we have daily. It’s those little things that make my heart flourish.

The truth is, he’s never gonna read this… and though I can write it out in multiple words, speaking the appreciation is hard. However, maybe another NICU parent will read this some day, maybe they’ll understand because they’re going through it too.

Xo, Sabrina.

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