Dear NICU Nurses: An Open Letter

Dear NICU nurses,

Our adventure has come to an end. Before we go, you should know you’ll forever be in our story.

Thank you for being in our delivery, for ensuring the boys came out and immediately got care.

Thank you for rushing them back to the NICU, assessing to their needs and telling the doctors what the baby needs at that time.

Thank you for letting my family visit and answering hundreds of questions.

Thank you for always treating me like family. Calling if something was wrong, answering my calls in the middle of the night and waiting for me to start cares.

Thank you for reassuring me when we took steps backward.

Thank you for seeing my tears and sitting with me when I was alone.

Thank you for loving my babies like your own.

The job of a NICU nurse isn’t easy. Yet, every single one of you made our stay worth it. There are very few things happy about the NICU, but you’re smiling faces made my day.

A special thank you to Melinda, Laura, Jen, Andrew, Andy and Stacey. Each of you left a huge impression on me. Especially Melinda, you checked in on us even when you weren’t our nurse and you even hugged me goodbye.

Xo, Sabrina.

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