One Month Down…

Wow! It’s been a full month of the boys being outside of the womb. How crazy is that?!

In the last month we’ve spent majority of our time in the NICU. However, we’ve all been home for going on one week and it’s been quite the adjustment. There are a few things that we’re addressing with the boys but nothing overly concerning. It’s so nice to be home and be able to adjust to them.

Dax is over 5 lbs now! He’s a great eater, loves to be awake for an hour or a few every day and sleeps the rest of the time. He is still on Alimentum formula and has started on reflux medication. The reflex medications have truly helped him!

Emrick is hanging in the 4 lb range. He’s a great eater when he wants to wake up, ha! He is on Neosure formula and has almost no issues. Emrick loves to sleep all day, opening his eyes to just the right people and no one else.

There are so many things that we’re doing with the boys that normal newborns just don’t have to do. And I personally think that’s the hardest. For example, the boys must be woken every 3 hours to eat. It doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping peacefully, you must wake them. Additionally, we must fortify their formula to make each type of formula 24 calories per ounce. So our lovelt gifted Baby Brezza currently can’t be used for two reasons. First because we must mix the formula to make the right calorie content and second the boys are on two different formulas.

All three girls we’re able to meet their brothers. Since we’re only one week in, we certainly have more adjusting to do. It’s been rough, we’re not gonna lie. But, they’re doing so well I’m sure we will all adjust within the next couple of weeks.

A few big items we’re doing currently is hearing tests for Dax, eye tests for Emrick and weight gain checks for both. I’m sure after reading that sentence you want to know more. We will update on hearing and eye exams as soon as we have definitive answers.

On the brightest side, it took us just one month since they were born to finally complete it-ish! Our good friend Izzy painted the mountains, Zoram did the floor and now we just need to fill in the space and baseboard!

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