Hunting For The Family

Before I begin, please note we are ethical hunters, we hunt to feed our families. If you wish to disagree with our choice to hunt, we don’t mind that’s your decision!

Every year we have two hunts we put in for; the first hunt is for whitetail down near Arivaca. We typically go with a large group that includes family and friends. It’s a whole lotta fun when you get this group together and usually over 50% of the group has tags, and roughly the same amount of tags are filled. This year came and went so fast that we didn’t put in for deer in time. We missed this hunt and we’re low on meat!

The second hunt we aim for is elk. Elk is basically a 80/20 tag. 80% chance you won’t get drawn and 20% you will. I didn’t put in this year because I knew I’d either be pregnant or taking care of newborns. Surprise, I’m taking care of newborns! Luckily, Zoram did put in for elk this year and he got drawn! This hunt is over thanksgiving week, and it’s a bull tag. We’re not only hoping to fill a freezer but also to drop a mountable buck.

Two main questions we’ve received are:

Are you taking the boys? Nope. Although I would love to take the boys on their first hunting trip, they’re just not ready. Plus, it’s supposed to be super cold!

Are you mad he gets to go without you? Honestly, I would love to get drawn for an elk tag whether it be cow or bull. But, I’m not mad that he is going without me. This was decided long ago and I’m excited for him to have the opportunity to fill the freezer!

Hunting is a long tradition in my family and we’d like to pass down to our children. If they want to of course! There’s nothing like dropping your first elk or deer and experiencing the adrenaline rush, seeing the smile on the face of the hunter and so much more. It is a memory I’ll carry forever of my dad taking me hunting and I hope it lives on forever through the boys.

In loving memory 💙

Xo, Sabrina.

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