2 Months Out.

What an update we need to write! It’s been two months since the boys graced the world with their presence. It’s been a blur to be honest, but here we go!


Dax is a whopping 8 lbs, 1 oz! He’s growing like a weed and loves to be held. After his hospital stay, he’s been doing so well. He does have GERD, and he’s allergic to cows milk and milk proteins. We abbreviate these to CMPA and MSPI. He’s on an elemental formula called Neocate. It’s pricey, but we’re lucky to have resources.

Now here’s the “bad” news. Emphasis on the quotes because we’re still settling in with this news. As we explained before, Dax failed his hearing test twice during his stay in the NICU. We weren’t too worried because it’s very common for babies to fail due to excess fluid in their ears. However, we noticed right off the bat that he didn’t startle to loud sounds, he certainly didn’t hear the same as everyone else. We finally got in with our audiologist and we found that he truly does have hearing loss. Dax’s right ear has moderate to severe hearing loss, while his left ear is not as severe but still has hearing loss.

This is quite the surprise to us. How do you cope, how do you not blame yourself? We’re armed with a great audiologist with a lot of knowledge and resources. Additionally, we hope to have him in hearing aids by 3 months old. The question of all of this is how expensive is it going to be? Will insurance cover any of it? These are questions we have to answer, and quickly so he is able to learn about communication.

Now, If you don’t know me I have very odd coping mechanisms such as joking about subjects such as this. So if you hear me joking, please don’t be offended.


Emrick is now 7 lbs, 7 oz! And boy is he catching up! Emrick is much more stout than Dax, he shows his weight in his cheeks. Emrick has no allergies, is still on high calorie formula. His eyes are still blue, and aren’t likely to change due to his heterochromia.

Emrick needs to see a urologist for a mishapen member. We will know more about this later. Overall, Emrick is a very easy going little guy.


Q: Do the boys sleep through the night?

A: Definitely not! Emrick sleeps longer than Dax at about 4 hour increments while Dax sleeps in 2 hour increments.

Q: Are you going back to work?

A: Yes! Right after Christmas.

Q: Will Dax outgrow his GERD?

A: Most likely he will. However, he’s on medication once a day and will increase as his weight increases.

Q: Are you worried about Dax’a future?

A: I could say I am, however he’s in the best care and early intervention is key for him. He may never know the difference if we start him going on hearing aids. The goal is to be able to communicate!

Q: Is one of them the favorite?

A: No, no favorites. I will say some days one is easier than the other, and vice versa.

That’s all for this update folks! We look forward to doing more posts soon.

Xo, Sabrina.

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