We’re all drowning.

Typical mom problem that I’m bringing into view. Especially to those of you who say “she’s changed”. Mama’s both new and repeat hear this so much! “You’ve changed!”

No, really?!

Of course we’ve changed! We gave birth to a tiny human. We rearranged our entire lives, we’ve stopped sleeping, eating and showering regularly. We’re not even sure who we are anymore. We don’t know our pant size, our bra size or when we’ll wear “real” clothes again.

Some of us are so eager to get back to work because, SURPRISE, we’re not all meant to be stay at home moms.

Some of us are eager to get back to our pre-baby bodies that we work out, hardly eat and drive ourselves mad. News flash, your body will never be the exact same. You may be smaller, bigger, straighter or curvier.

Some of us are winging it, while others have a tight routine. But, there’s one thing we’re all doing..

We’re all drowning.

Help! I’m drowning. I’m drowning in discomfort. Yeah, I said it. We’re all uncomfortable in our roles in one way or another.

I’m uncomfortable being a stay at home mom. I’m so ready to get back to work!

I’m uncomfortable wearing my old clothes, hoping Christmas brings me some new ones!

I’m uncomfortable with my hair always in a bun, but I’ll be changing that soon.

As moms, we constantly put ourselves last. Leaving ourselves in a constantly uncomfortable state. We’re all drowning in this state and we need to work on saving ourselves. Take twenty minutes and work out. Put away $20 bucks a paycheck and go shopping for YOU. Take a break from your babies for sanity. There’s so many ways to support you. And you need to do this for the rest of your kids life, or at least till their 18. 🤣

XO, Sabrina.

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