New Year, Same Me.

I used to be one of “those people”. The people who set resolutions with no real game plan, no will power and ultimately no success. I quit that three years ago.

New year, same me.

I don’t need the start of a new year for a clean slate or changes I want to make in myself. All I need is a mindset reset! Is a new year a good time to start making changes? Sure! So long as you’re committed to it. Without commitment you’ll find yourself disappointed come February when you’ve already broken your resolution.

I like to focus on three things every “year”. My family, my health and my finances. However, I am not afraid to admit that majority of the time I have to recalculate, reformulate and change my mindset when it comes to these three items.

Family – This years focus is more adventure, less stuff. Instead of gifts such as toys this year, we want to shift our focus to adventuring. More museums. More road trips. Less tablet time. More 4H shows and participation, more gymnastics! With that, I’m sure we’ll have a broken bone (fingers crossed for no!), a heavy heart for our animals and expanding minds! But, we’re not going to be disappointed when we have to shift and put our adventures on pause.

Health – Like most people, health is a big factor in the new year. For most, it’s about losing weight. That’s true for me too, I’d of course love to lose weight. Instead I’m focused on making myself healthy. Fixing my nutrition and building stamina by working out every day are jsut two items. But, I’d also like to visit the doctor. I’d like to get my acne under control.

Finances – As it is every year, we’ve taken a look into how much we’ve earned and gasped at how much we’ve spent. Where does all the money go?! I’m sure you’ve said that a few times. Our financial focus this year is to be more conscious when spending money, paying down some of our debt and trying to get ahead of our bills. It’s no easy process, I’ll tell you that! But, it will be worth it.

So, what if you fail?

I get asked this a lot. So, what if you fail? Then I fail, then I reset and try again. So what if I fail! I will forever pick myself up again and continue trying. Perhaps that’s what new years are for, continuous effort, willpower and try.

Xo, Sabrina.

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