Back to Basics.

I’m back and I’m ready to admit something.

Twins are freaking hard ya’ll! I barely have time for myself, let alone to write a blog. So, if you’re looking for more consistent updates be sure to follow our Instagram, @theregularruizs!

That being said, I’m here to say that I’ve returned to the basics. If you know me, I’d say about two years ago I got really serious about self-care. That self-care consisted of confidence, vitamins, working out and of course eating properly. I found a lot of success in doing these things and was happier than I had been in quite some time. I neglected to continue this. Not only was I upset with myself, I gained a ton of weight and I’ve begun hiding behind sweaters and messy buns again.

No More!

Since I had found success before, I know going back to this back to the basics will lead me to success again. I can do this in multiple ways, some harder than others now with twins!

Meal Prep for Success! Meal prepping can be a true pain in the ass! But, there are ways to make it simple. I keep my meal prep simple by eating the same thing repeatedly, and only choosing three things. In every meal I use up to three things. Each meal MUST contain a protein and a veggie, with an optional starch. I pick out a protein for the week, i.e. beef, chicken, etc. I pick up frozen veggies to toss in. And usually I cook up some rice, quinoa or another healthy starch like sweet potatoes. I will tell you that meal prepping does not stop your occasional snacking or sweet tooth as I learned a day ago when I was faced with donuts and cookies. DOH!

Get up – Work out! The first thing I do every day, or try to at least, is working out. A lot of times, especially on the days I work, this means getting up at 3 AM. Yes, I know that sounds miserable. No, it’s truly not that bad and I love the workouts I get from Beachbody on Demand. Even though I am not a coach anymore, I really do recommend BOD. It’s a Netflix of workouts and you have full access to the program materials too! I’m currently doing Morning Meltdown 100. This is a program I said I would NEVER do, and look at me over here doing it. *BIG SMILE!* Please note, working out while taking care of newborn twins is NOT easy. Sometimes, my workout is interrupted by baby cries, baby spit up and of course smiling baby faces.

Vitamins/Self-Care Are A Win! If you know me, I’m not big on girly things. I mean really, I began wearing major make up as an adult, I don’t do my eyebrows and I dress in jeans and t-shirts majority of the time. In the phase of my life where I was killing it I found myself comfortable in dresses, sandals, up-dos and in make up! I was taking a variety of vitamins and actually taking care of me. Perhaps, taking care of me is the hardest part. As a mom, I find myself taking care of every one else before myself. Especially my kids! But, I must get serious about self-care if I want vitality for them. I schedule devoted time for me in my planner. Often times this is late at night but it’s still ME time and that’s what’s important.

Overall, I hope you’ll join me in cheering ourselves on and ensuring we WIN this year!

Xo, Sabrina.

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