5 Positive Things About My Life.

Happy New Year! Oh wait, we’re already six days into this year. Can we be honest here? How many of you have already broken your resolutions? Don’t be shy, raise your hand! It’s not uncommon for many people to ‘break’ their resolutions within the first thirty days of the new year. This is why it’s also not uncommon for many people to become focused on the negative aspects of their life while beating themselves up over their resolutions.

Being positive is key.

In light of the possibly negatives swirling around your head this January, I’m challenging you to think of, write down and assess ten positive things about your life. I know, I know five is so much. I ask for five things because this truly forces you to critically think about your life and search for the positives while muddling through the negative. However, if you can continue your critical thinking and make it to ten positive things I highly encourage it! To make this even easier for you, I’m going to post my five things below and trust me, I have a lot of negative to get through!

#1 – For My Kids I’d Do Anything

It’s true – for my kids, I’d do anything. This is a huge positive in my life! I have five kids whom all depend on me in one way or another. My oldest who lives with her dad primarily relies on me for support of her dreams and adventures with her animals. While my middle child relies on me to understand why she’s tearing up in the middle of the night. My youngest baby girl relies on me to encourage her in all of her wildness. The boys, well they rely on me for every thing right now but that’ll change. My kids are only little for a little bit of time. Heck, my oldest will be 18 in just a short 8 years! What a scary thought! So, the positive in all of this is I would do anything for my kids to be comfortable, happy and loved.

#2 – My Marriage

I know what you’re thinking, every marriage should be positive at some point, right? WRONG! I’ll be the first to admit this was the hardest year ever. Did we immediately have kids, and did that contribute to increasing difficulty? Yes. Did we still get through that? Also, yes. Marriage is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It’s also one of the most rewarding. So for that, the positive in the marriage is that it’s sustainable. A growing pain for sure, but sustainable.

#3 – My Mom

In 2017, we lost my Dad. I mean, we lost a lot of people that year but he was the most prevalent. It was earth-shattering when he stopped. To be completely honest, I don’t believe any of us truly knew what to do. We were all going through it together. We’re going on three years now, but if there is one consistency it’s my mom. Even on her bad days, she still tries. And while she’s still figuring out where her life is headed now, she’s always around for us and the kids. Plus, she is now the proud Granny of three grandsons and four granddaughters!

#4 – New Technology

This is hard one to write. In all transparency, when we found out that Dax has hearing loss I was angry. I was angry, hurt and upset. What could I have done differently to change his outcome? The fact of the matter is there is no way to change his outcome. Hearing loss happens! These days technology is so advanced that Dax will have hearing aids in the upcoming weeks to month and will hear “normally”. Now, the negative of this is that hearing aids are super expensive and our insurance hardly covers anything. But, we also have three months of loaner aids to sort out the financial aspect.

#5 – A New Mindset

I’ve headed into a new realm for mindset. A lot of I don’t give a shit, a lot of selfishness and a whole lot of NO. This is something I haven’t done before. I usually say YES to just about everything. I’m very much a people pleaser. Yet, this year for my sanity I needed a new mindset. I need to make sure my family comes first. I need to make sure I come first. So, when I say no to you this year… it’s not you, it’s me.

Xo, Sabrina.

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