Huggies: Special Delivery Review +Twins!

It’s about to get real shi*!ty in here. HA! Just kidding, it’s just a diaper review! One thing I’ve learned with twins is that NOTHING is the same as a singleton. I don’t do the same things as I did with any of my girls, I don’t use the same products and I certainly didn’t think about products as much as I do with these guys. Don’t ask me why this is, I truly have no idea. Maybe it’s because they’re the last babies or maybe it’s because there are two of them.

As you can imagine, we go through diapers like wild fire. As much as i’d like to be ‘eco-friendly’ and have either organic or cloth diapers, it’s truly not feasible in our lives at this time. Therefore, we settle for the next best thing – reliability. When your changing two butts an average of 6 times a day, you need to make sure you won’t have blow outs, wet spots and they have to be easy to put on/take off. Additionally, for our little Emrick we have to look at a good fit. Emrick has a lot of free fluid from an abdominal hernia floating in his groin. The free fluid causes him to look very chubby in his groin area and caused rubbing with our other favorite diaper Pamper’s Swaddlers. Emrick is what caused the switch in the first place!

Why Huggies?

Diapers are all similar, they’re all meant to catch pees and poos of our favorite smiling babies. However, there is a clear difference in many diapers. Texture of the diaper, cut of the diaper and features are important as well. For example, does the diaper have a wetness indicator? This is helpful for many new parents.

We recieved samples of Huggies Special Delivery Diapers and clearly saw the difference in the diapers. The cut of the diaper in the leg/groin area was different. Where Pamper’s were straight, Huggies were contoured. Huggies also included an unmatched softness. And for those who care, Huggies has designs. For our family, the contoured area was the defining factor in our decision to switch. Emrick’s legs fit much better in the Huggies diapers!

In order to complete the switch, other factors would surely come into play. We did a trial run with a box of diapers Santa brought for the boys. Were the boys consistently dry despite just peeing? Did we have any concerns about blow outs? Were there any reactions to the diapers themselves? The answer is no. The boys stay dry, we haven’t had any blow outs and there is zero reaction to the diapers. Yay, hypoallergenic!

One factor that we did not look into was price. The average baby at the boy’s age goes through approximately 50 diapers per week, multiply that by two (yay, twins!) and we go through an average of 100 diapers a week and sometimes more. A box of size 1 diapers holds 144 diapers, meaning we need on average a box of diapers every 1.5 weeks. Obviously running out in the middle of the week is not feasible, so we buy a box of diapers every pay day. Thank goodness Zoram and I get paid on alternating weeks!

At Wal-Mart these diapers are $43.88, making each diaper approximately 0.30 cents. This is where we currently purchase from. However, other options include Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. With Amazon, you receive a 5% discount. For four boxes of diapers a month, I would pay approximately $182. However, after 5 deliveries that discount bumps up to 20%. You can see how this might be beneficial.

Do we plan to test other diapers? Yes. The problem is if they don’t work it’s wasted money. It’s hard to spend money when you don’t necessarily have any leeway to spend. Ya catch my drift? We accept donations, HA!

Anywho, overall I do recommend these diapers! I would recommend them for one babies, or two. Especially for those with abdominal or groin hernias!

Xo, Sabrina.

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