The Big Update!

I would much rather be sleeping than writing this at the moment, but I promised my readers an update. An integral part of my blog is transparency so, here is our update!

Chiro, GI and Old Pueblo Peds.

The boys are primarily healthy. Unfortunately, we’ve spent the better part of the weekend at multiple appointments. Emrick had been running a low grade fever for the past few days, prompting us to schedule a visit to his pediatrician. Dax had his weekly chiropractic appointment and a visit to his new GI. That made three appointments in one day, and if you know us personally we live pretty far from town. The chiropractor was scheduled in the morning and the other two appointments in the afternoon. This led to an extremely long day!

Dax’s GI appointment went well. We already knew we were on the right track but, we also knew that close to nothing was relieving his pain. The GI was quick to suggest myriad of tests. We want to recheck for pyloric stenosis, check for other genetic issues, check his blood and his newborn screening. Additionally, she wants a new upper GI done. We walked out with orders to get all of this done and a script for a new medicine. Surprise, surprise, our insurance doesn’t cover that med either. In fact, our insurance doesn’t provide coverage for any medicine that the doctor can prescribe for his age and weight. Luckily, the office was quick to submit a pre-authorization with Cigna to get his medicine covered. Hopefully the new med will work!

Emrick’s appointment was primarily for his low grade fever, but while we were there I made sure to bring up a problem he’s had for what seems like his entire life. Emrick’s saliva and spit-up is incredibly sticky. So sticky in fact, that he is unable to clear the spit-up from his mouth. Additionally, his spit-up is almost always curdled to the point of large chunks that he is again, unable to clear. Two things came from Emrick’s appointment. First, he’s got a bilateral ear infection. Poor guy! We’re not sure how long he’s had the infection as he didn’t show many signs or symptoms of an ear infection other than the low grade fever. Second, Emrick is now on a similar formula to Dax. Emrick was given samples of Puramino. I honestly can’t figure out the difference between Puramino and Neocate. The only thing I’ve seen is the Puramino is slightly thicker than the Neocate. However, the question remains if we are able to switch both boys to the same formula. Boy, would that make life easier!

By the way, if you’re looking for a pediatrician, we highly recommend the team at Old Pueblo Pediatrics! We’ve never had a bad experience. We see Dr. Delp for the boys and Andi, Dr. Mansfield for Bree and Caidence and all the NP’s are wonderful. If you have a problem, the docs are quick to look for solutions. Additionally, this team truly cares about you and your family. They listen, recommend and reroute if needed. We couldn’t be happier with our team!

That sums up Wednesday, let’s move on to Thursday.

TMC AfterCare

Ah, the wonderful world of preemies. I say that with little to no sarcasm, preemies are powerful! Yet, preemies come with a slew of potential problems that we’d like to avoid. TMC has created a program to prevent problems, provide therapy and so much more! Let’s talk about it.

TMC AfterCare is a developmentally based program to make sure the NICU graduates stay on track. The program is free of charge and provides services like speech, feeding, physical and other therapies. Each NICU graduate is able to go for two years.

Our first visit for the boys and AfterCare went really well. We had three people involved – a physical therapist, a feeding therapist and a nurse practitioner. They were all friendly and willing to help with the babies by holding, entertaining or whatever they needed. It was a huge relief to know they were helpful!

Dax was up first (ABC order, HA!), starting with lots of questions about how he’s been doing since he’s left NICU. He was the more difficult to explain his, what seems like, endless amounts of problems. The physical therapist started with him first. We measured his head, onyl 5 MM difference, yay! Then she made sure to look at his neck. Dax tends to look a certain direction which has caused a very slight case of torticollis. She showed me how to stretch his neck and shoulder to aid him in relief. We also reviewed ways to quickly adjust his gaze and head positioning. It’s nice to know we can fix this just by doing simple stretches each day. The next part of his review was to take him to the mat. Developmentally, the boys are only two months old instead of three which is what they’d be looked at for the review. Dax was right on track! Post mat time, it was time for the feeding specialist to take over. Unfortunately, Dax ate just before the appointment so she wasn’t able to see him eat. However, she had multiple recommendations for him starting with slowing down his feeds. This has since proven difficult as Dax quickly becomes tired when having to truly work for his food.

Emrick who was peacefully sleeping while Dax was evaluated finally woke from his slumber just in time for his evaluation. We started with Emrick’s head. Emrick does not have a badly misshapen head, however he does have a 10 MM difference. You can see that difference when looking at his head from his back. Luckily, he has about two months before a helmet would even be considered. We’re going to use those two months and do the same stretches as Dax, plus reposition his head to be on the non flat area in attempt to reshape. After his head was measured Emrick was onto the mat to check his developmental skills. Good news, he’s doing fantastic! Emrick surprisingly has full range of motion and is able to lift himself when on tummy time. What a guy! The final portion of the evaluation was feeding. Emrick hadn’t eaten so the feeding therapist fed him while I soothed Dax. She recommended a few things to get his eating to go smoother and to help his tongue tie. We have since switched Emrick to Dr. Brown’s new wide neck bottles and what a HUGE difference in his eating. The question is whether the difference is due to the bottles, the new formula or just a good day. However, with the new bottle he no longer “clicks” his tongue while eating.

Long story short, the boys are doing wonderfully. Dax has been referred to TMC for his final ABR so we can get him his hearing aids and Emrick is going to continue waiting to have his groin fixed. We think we’re finally on the right track for Dax and his reflux too! It’s all exciting, exhausting and ultimately rewarding.

Have twins they said, it’ll be fun they said!

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Xo, Sabrina.

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