5 Ideas To Spark Your Weight Loss Goals!

It’s the beginning of the year, the second month of the year in fact, have you fallen off the band wagon yet? Don’t worry, according to a study done by Strava shows that January 12th is the date majority of people quit their resolutions. In fact, the study goes on to show that 80% of people who make resolutions do not keep them.

How about we put that statistics aside and focus on your goals? Here are 5 ideas to spark your weight loss goals!

# 1 – Water, Water, Water.

I can repeat myself over and over and over again. Drink your water. Seriously. Drink at the very least 80 oz of water. I aim for at least half my body weight in ounces every day. Water is an essential part of weight loss. Water is an essential part of the human body functioning. PLEASE DRINK YOUR FREAKING WATER. Also, if you’re asking why you’re not losing weight, check your water intake.

# 2 – Just 2 lbs At A Time.

Have a large weight loss goal? My long-term goal is over 30 lbs. However, I know that if I focus on 30 lbs even the smallest little weight loss will still be discouraging. Instead, try focusing on just two lbs at a time. You’ll be thrilled for each 2 lbs you shed off!

# 3 – Meal Prep.

Again, like water, be prepared. You want to meal prep so those work/school/etc vending machines do not tempt you. Meal prep doesn’t have to be extravagant. Pick a protein, pick a veggie, pick a small but, complex carb. You can even do sheet pan meals to make it easier! You can find all of my meal prep ideas on my Pinterest account under Meal Prep Central.

# 4 – Document Your Journey.

This is important. No one deserves for you to document your journey more than YOU. Use your journey as personal development. Why are you on this journey? How did you get to be the weight you are now? Be incredibly honest, raw and real with yourself. Keep it to yourself, or share it to the world.

# 5 – Stick To It.

Let’s say you’re on a roll. You’ve lost weight, you feel great, so you have a treat. And that one treat turns into another, then another and again, another. It’s important for you to stick with it. Treat, not cheat! Yes, you deserve that sweet treat for being consistent. But, ensure that you don’t cheat. When you do cheat, you are only cheating yourself.

Each month is a new month to be successful. You’ve got to grab life by the horns and stick to your guns.

Xo, Sabrina.

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