Easy Meal Prep for Week Day Success!

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Hey there! I’ve gotten a few questions recently about my meal prep. Again, one of my goals for 2020 is to focus on my health. You can read about all of my goals here.

As a mom of five, a wife and a full time employee one of the most frequently asked questions I get is HOW. How do I do it? I’m not kidding, some days I truly don’t know how I do it. BUT! I do know that meal prepping is one of the many things I am able to do to make my life easier. Because it makes life easier for me, I thought I’d share my easy meal prep steps to make your week successful!

Before We Begin…

I know you’ve searched high and low for meal prepping pictures. You’ve looked on Instagram, Pinterest and so much more. Each picture looks so delicious and yet, seemingly difficult to prepare.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Meal prep is so simple. So simple a caveman can do it, no offense to my caveman readers. Before you begin you’re meal prep there are a few things you may want to pick up.

Meal Prep Containers. Depeneding on your work schedule and how many people you prep for, you’ll want to get containers for your meals. For example, I prep for myself. I prep based on the weeks I work. I work 5 days one week, and 2 days the following week. I also eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at work. Therefore I need at minimum, 15 containers. I currently use the Good Cook brand of containers. I use the two compartment, half cup for breakfast and a three compartment for lunch and dinner. These come in a variety of colors and sizes so add your personal flair!

Lunch Box. Another important tool in preparedness is something to take your meal prep with you when you go! I have tried countless lunchboxes. The most important thing about lunchboxes is the ability to fit your meal prep containers. I was lucky enough to be gifted a lunchbox for Christmas that fits all of my containers and then some! You can find my lunchbox here.

Room in the fridge. Clear room, especially if you are a Monday-Friday employee. You’ll need space in your fridge to store the meals as you grab and go for the rest of the week.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Are you ready? Come in close…

I’m no expert on meal prep, I draw ideas from my Pinterest board and “build” my own.

Shocker, I know. But, seriously! I look for simple ideas on Pinterest. I find things that look good, that look appetizing and that are easy to modify. Check out my Pinterest board, Meal Prep Central for your own inspo.

I typically meal prep the day before my shift. So if I work on a Monday, I’m meal prepping Sunday. If I don’t work till Wednesday, I’m meal prepping Tuesday. That means I’m gathering the ideas, shopping and ready to prep before these days!

To begin, I look at my weeks work schedule. Let’s look at next week for me. I work Wednesday and Thursday next week. I’ve already pre-planned my two meals. I eat the same thing for both days.

Breakfast – 2 Eggs/2 Oz Johnsonville Chorizo/2 oz Steamed Sweet Potatoe w/onion.

Lunch – California Sushi Roll Bowl W/Cauliflower Rice.

Dinner – 1 Cowboy Turkey Burger, Slaw, 1 Cup Grilled Zucchini.

See, how simple it is?! I cook starting with breakfast and make my way down. Any extras I have I utilize on my day’s off. I try to keep it as simple as possible. I will admit, I am not great at sticking to recipes but I do try! The most complicated thing on this meal prep is the California Sushi Roll Bowl but it’s still simple! You just have to break down what works for you. Protein, Veggie, Carb. That’s it.

You can do this same thing with dinner, though I prefer using my Instant Pot. You can find all of my favorite Instant Pot recipes or ideas on Instant Pot Dinners, here.

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Have your own essentials for meal prep? Recipes to share? Comment below or on any of our social media. We’d love to chat!

Xo, Sabrina.

You Can, You Will.

Yes, it’s Monday again! Yes, it’s the beginning of the week and I can hear you moaning and groaning all the way from here. We’ve already discussed jump-starting your Monday and how to do it. If you’re choosing not to do that, it’s fine. Please understand that this is a mindset! This is you vs. you.

You Can.

Wake up! There has been a great awakening to brain health in recent years. Brain health is of utter importance when speaking of diseases that are age related such as dementia and alzheimers. While we don’t know exactly what causes the diseases, we do understand that your brain’s health is directly linked to overall health. Furthermore, your physical well being is just as important as your brain health. This is where you must put your “mind over matter”. Your brain is known to trick you. When you don’t want to do something, your brain is willing to say “ok, we won’t.” Instead, we need to push past the brain. You can do this, you want to do this.

One way to push past your brain’s game is to create a daily mantra. A mantra is a saying that you are able to repeat and hold on to when the going gets tough. A good place to start is “I believe I can, I decide I will”. When your struggling to get of bed, instead of hitting snooze, repeat your mantra. When your struggling to breathe in the middle of a workout, trick your brain and repeat your mantra. When you just want to quit because the scale isn’t moving, REPEAT YOUR MANTRA! You absolutely can do this.

You Will.

When your at your wits end with your body or lifestyle, you’ve decided to change. We’ve discussed that you can change, but how will you implement this change? It’s simple really, you must be prepared.

You will….start small. Change is not meant to be large. Change is not meant to be all at once. Instead, change is small. Start with one item to change. Start with water, drink more water starting today. Set a definable goal tomorrow, 100 oz of water. Smash that goal, and add another. You can do this in triumphant style and spread your success, or you can stay quiet and create your success on your own time.

You will…create a routine. Routine is necessary if you’d like to stay on track with your change. Starting a routine is difficult. For many people, writing down a routine is easier to remember than simply trying to follow it. This is where calendars, reminders and planners come in handy. For example, if you are a by the hour type of person writing down what hours you need to do specific tasks is helpful. For other people, simply writing out a list of items to do, in no specific order is more helpful.

You will…be prepared. You will set yourself up for success! Lay out your workout clothes, set your alarm clock, meal prep! All of this preparation is aimed towards your success. If you are unprepared, your routine, your goals and your success will quickly be unraveled. I know it sounds extensive, it sounds hard. Again, this is a mind over matter situation. You can and you will!

You will…continue on. Consider this, each day you are one step closer to your goal so do not give up today! If you need a break, that’s fine but remember your nutritional goals. If you need a break from nutrition, have a cheat day but keep it to one day only. Whatever you do, you must continue on!

If today is your starting point, hit today with a BANG! If you’re in the middle of your journey, make it worth your time. If you’re nearing the end of your goal, make new goals and SMASH them!

Xo, Sabrina.

How To Jump-Start Your Monday!

Monday’s, we all hate them right? I used to be the same way, I hated Monday’s. I had no logical reason to hate Monday’s. I only work two Monday’s out of the month, I generally don’t know what day it is. When I found myself hating Monday’s, I was upset. This is what I did to change it.

Find The Issue.

What is it about Monday that you dislike? Is it the rush out of the door to make it to work on time? Is it lack of preparedness? Are you missing out on precious sleep? Some where in you routine or your chaos, there is an issue. You’ve got to find the source of the issue in order to change the result. After all, repeating the same thing over and over again is considered insanity.

My issue wasn’t easy to find. I thought it was this, then that, then this again. In reality, I found that my issue was purely with myself. I would roll out of bed, exhausted, defeated, grumbly because I wasn’t happy with my routine. I wasn’t happy not working out, I wasn’t happy being unprepared and I certainly wasn’t eating/sleeping/drinking enough.

So, I have my issue..How do I fix it?

Develop A Fix.

I really want to stress something here… Fixing any issue is not as simple as saying, “Well, I won’t do that again”. That is considered a band-aid fix. Just like a band-aid loses it’s stickiness over time, so will your fix.

To develop a fix, look at your issue from multiple angles. To help, you can create a mind map if you choose. A mind map is a simple layout of steps or processes that can keep you on track. I am notorious for wanting to race through the steps, so sub-outlets are also included. Place your issue in the center, and create your steps on the outside. How many steps do you need, what can you do to be detailed? This is all of importance.

Implement Your Fix.

Again, this is not a band-aid. Let’s not rip it off too fast! Implementing your fix can take days, weeks, even months. It all depends on you. Start with your mind map, your first step. You’ll want to successfully do your first step for at least five days. If you miss a day, go back and try again. It’s not a race, it’s about making yourself better. Once you consecutively complete your first step for five days, add in your second step. You’ll keep adding steps as you go until eventually your fix will be fully implemented. This is where you’re jump-start comes in.


You’ve found your issue, you’ve identified a fix, you’ve implemented that fix. It’s now time to jump start! You’re in a routine now, you’ve shown yourself you are capable. You can do hard things. It’s your time to roll out of bed on Monday morning smiling! Share your newfound routine, enjoy friends, family and coworkers noticing your happiness. You have jump-started your Monday! And, I’ll let you in on a little known secret… The key to a good week is a great Monday!

Xo, Sabrina.

Back to Basics.

I’m back and I’m ready to admit something.

Twins are freaking hard ya’ll! I barely have time for myself, let alone to write a blog. So, if you’re looking for more consistent updates be sure to follow our Instagram, @theregularruizs!

That being said, I’m here to say that I’ve returned to the basics. If you know me, I’d say about two years ago I got really serious about self-care. That self-care consisted of confidence, vitamins, working out and of course eating properly. I found a lot of success in doing these things and was happier than I had been in quite some time. I neglected to continue this. Not only was I upset with myself, I gained a ton of weight and I’ve begun hiding behind sweaters and messy buns again.

No More!

Since I had found success before, I know going back to this back to the basics will lead me to success again. I can do this in multiple ways, some harder than others now with twins!

Meal Prep for Success! Meal prepping can be a true pain in the ass! But, there are ways to make it simple. I keep my meal prep simple by eating the same thing repeatedly, and only choosing three things. In every meal I use up to three things. Each meal MUST contain a protein and a veggie, with an optional starch. I pick out a protein for the week, i.e. beef, chicken, etc. I pick up frozen veggies to toss in. And usually I cook up some rice, quinoa or another healthy starch like sweet potatoes. I will tell you that meal prepping does not stop your occasional snacking or sweet tooth as I learned a day ago when I was faced with donuts and cookies. DOH!

Get up – Work out! The first thing I do every day, or try to at least, is working out. A lot of times, especially on the days I work, this means getting up at 3 AM. Yes, I know that sounds miserable. No, it’s truly not that bad and I love the workouts I get from Beachbody on Demand. Even though I am not a coach anymore, I really do recommend BOD. It’s a Netflix of workouts and you have full access to the program materials too! I’m currently doing Morning Meltdown 100. This is a program I said I would NEVER do, and look at me over here doing it. *BIG SMILE!* Please note, working out while taking care of newborn twins is NOT easy. Sometimes, my workout is interrupted by baby cries, baby spit up and of course smiling baby faces.

Vitamins/Self-Care Are A Win! If you know me, I’m not big on girly things. I mean really, I began wearing major make up as an adult, I don’t do my eyebrows and I dress in jeans and t-shirts majority of the time. In the phase of my life where I was killing it I found myself comfortable in dresses, sandals, up-dos and in make up! I was taking a variety of vitamins and actually taking care of me. Perhaps, taking care of me is the hardest part. As a mom, I find myself taking care of every one else before myself. Especially my kids! But, I must get serious about self-care if I want vitality for them. I schedule devoted time for me in my planner. Often times this is late at night but it’s still ME time and that’s what’s important.

Overall, I hope you’ll join me in cheering ourselves on and ensuring we WIN this year!

Xo, Sabrina.

New Year, Same Me.

I used to be one of “those people”. The people who set resolutions with no real game plan, no will power and ultimately no success. I quit that three years ago.

New year, same me.

I don’t need the start of a new year for a clean slate or changes I want to make in myself. All I need is a mindset reset! Is a new year a good time to start making changes? Sure! So long as you’re committed to it. Without commitment you’ll find yourself disappointed come February when you’ve already broken your resolution.

I like to focus on three things every “year”. My family, my health and my finances. However, I am not afraid to admit that majority of the time I have to recalculate, reformulate and change my mindset when it comes to these three items.

Family – This years focus is more adventure, less stuff. Instead of gifts such as toys this year, we want to shift our focus to adventuring. More museums. More road trips. Less tablet time. More 4H shows and participation, more gymnastics! With that, I’m sure we’ll have a broken bone (fingers crossed for no!), a heavy heart for our animals and expanding minds! But, we’re not going to be disappointed when we have to shift and put our adventures on pause.

Health – Like most people, health is a big factor in the new year. For most, it’s about losing weight. That’s true for me too, I’d of course love to lose weight. Instead I’m focused on making myself healthy. Fixing my nutrition and building stamina by working out every day are jsut two items. But, I’d also like to visit the doctor. I’d like to get my acne under control.

Finances – As it is every year, we’ve taken a look into how much we’ve earned and gasped at how much we’ve spent. Where does all the money go?! I’m sure you’ve said that a few times. Our financial focus this year is to be more conscious when spending money, paying down some of our debt and trying to get ahead of our bills. It’s no easy process, I’ll tell you that! But, it will be worth it.

So, what if you fail?

I get asked this a lot. So, what if you fail? Then I fail, then I reset and try again. So what if I fail! I will forever pick myself up again and continue trying. Perhaps that’s what new years are for, continuous effort, willpower and try.

Xo, Sabrina.