One Month Down…

Wow! It’s been a full month of the boys being outside of the womb. How crazy is that?!

In the last month we’ve spent majority of our time in the NICU. However, we’ve all been home for going on one week and it’s been quite the adjustment. There are a few things that we’re addressing with the boys but nothing overly concerning. It’s so nice to be home and be able to adjust to them.

Dax is over 5 lbs now! He’s a great eater, loves to be awake for an hour or a few every day and sleeps the rest of the time. He is still on Alimentum formula and has started on reflux medication. The reflex medications have truly helped him!

Emrick is hanging in the 4 lb range. He’s a great eater when he wants to wake up, ha! He is on Neosure formula and has almost no issues. Emrick loves to sleep all day, opening his eyes to just the right people and no one else.

There are so many things that we’re doing with the boys that normal newborns just don’t have to do. And I personally think that’s the hardest. For example, the boys must be woken every 3 hours to eat. It doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping peacefully, you must wake them. Additionally, we must fortify their formula to make each type of formula 24 calories per ounce. So our lovelt gifted Baby Brezza currently can’t be used for two reasons. First because we must mix the formula to make the right calorie content and second the boys are on two different formulas.

All three girls we’re able to meet their brothers. Since we’re only one week in, we certainly have more adjusting to do. It’s been rough, we’re not gonna lie. But, they’re doing so well I’m sure we will all adjust within the next couple of weeks.

A few big items we’re doing currently is hearing tests for Dax, eye tests for Emrick and weight gain checks for both. I’m sure after reading that sentence you want to know more. We will update on hearing and eye exams as soon as we have definitive answers.

On the brightest side, it took us just one month since they were born to finally complete it-ish! Our good friend Izzy painted the mountains, Zoram did the floor and now we just need to fill in the space and baseboard!

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XO, Sabrina.

Where’d those names come from?

One of the many questions we’ve received is how we came how we came up with the boys names. We’re here to tell ya, grab the tissues this could get emotional. Before we begin, if you don’t already know all of my kids are named in ABC order. Andi, Bree and Caidence! The boys are named after three men who were important in our lives. Each man played a different role for us but, each man left this life too soon.

Dax Ramon Ruiz

Dax was Dax. He was the one name we never hesitated on, because it was just suiting. He had to be a “D” and so, he was. Fun fact, it wasn’t until we were looking for another name that we found this also aligned with Zoram’s Star Trek addiction. Dax in Star Trek is a deity. Dax means Leader and so far in his life that’s been true! Dax’s middle name is a passed down name to honor one of the three people we wished to honor. Ramon is Zoram’s dads name. He passed in Zoram’s childhood. We honor him by utilizing his name as Dax’s middle name, but more importantly we pass to our children the many life lessons Ramon taught Zoram growing up.

Emrick Keith Ruiz

Emrick. Let’s be honest, the name Emrick was decided on the operating table. But, we spent all morning getting names thrown at us in every which way. We had people to honor, and we knew the middle name long before we knew the first name. And let’s also be honest, thanks husband for the dig because I wouldn’t have been happy if he didn’t start with an “E” HA! Both of us liked Emerson, but we couldn’t give poor Emrick two middle names.. so he became Emrick. Emrick means Immortal. Em for Emerson. Rick for Rick Butler, an amazing man that treated Zoram like his own. I was lucky to meet Rick on a few occasions. Both he and Julie welcomed me from day one with Zoram. And although I wasn’t able to create our own memories I heard and still hear all the memories from Zoram. He is again another man we wanted to honor by passing down not only his name but the foundation he gave to Zoram unto our own children.

The final name, and the most important to me is Keith. For those of you who know me, you know this is my Dad’s name. The man who raised me to be well, me. The sarcastic, dark humored, strong willed me. When he passed in 2017, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Hell, 2017 was the worst year of my life by far. But, we all made it through. If he were here, he’d be crazy about his grandsons… all three of them, just like he was crazy about his granddaughters. The love he gave to his entire family will be the legacy that we instill in the boys. Love without limits, love without an end.

Emrick and Dax carry on three names of three strong men whom we miss, whom we love and whom we’ve learned from. The boys will grow knowing who they were named after. We will speak their names as if they were still living. We will tell stories both happy and sad. We will not let them be forgotten.

XO, Sabrina.

When life gets tough…

Yesterday I posted about taking one step forward in life, only to take three steps back. It was the day before that where everything seemed to take a turn.

That morning, I woke up to a pleasant email supporting my leave for the boys. It seemed like life finally came full circle and I could relax a little. I could relax enough to know I could stay home and wait for the boys to come home from NICU before returning to work. What a relief, right?! Wrong…

Even though I didn’t get a whole lot done during the day, I loaded up the kids around 3:15 and headed to drop them off with my mom so I could go see the boys. If you’re not from Tucson, you’re not familiar with our lovely under construction road Ajo. This road is extremely narrow, and with the many businesses, homes and apartment complexes on either side of the roadway it makes for a lot of close calls every day and many, many accidents. Unfortunately, that day was not my day. The car in front of me began braking, so I braked with ample distance. But then unfortunately the car in front of me was slamming on their brakes which caused me to slam on mine and skid right into it. Is it a huge deal? No. Heck no, we have insurance for a reason right? But, it was enough to frustrate me. It was enough to feel like I took two steps back.

Needless to say the cars in the shop, and Zoram drove me to see the boys. Unfortunately, Zoram is sick and is unable to see the boys. After the boys, I came home and received a letter from the physicians group that’s treating the boys. Fun fact, although the boys are in the NICU, the physicians treating them are not employed by the hospital but rather an outside group. That group is of course not contracted with our health insurance. Here’s the next step back. I called our insurance, the good news is it should all be covered. It’s still irritating, it’s still going to take a lot of appeals, phone calls and frustration.

The point of this post isn’t to just moan and complain. In fact, it’s a reminder. Life isn’t always easy. Hell, 99% of the time life is freaking hard. Make the most of the little wins. Our little win is the boys making it back to their birth weights. Our little win is our boys making progress every day. Our little win is the safety of all of our kids.

You have to take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad and just keep moving forward.

One more thing… I just want to emphasize the importance of communication with your significant other or spouse. Without Zoram, i don’t know how I’d be able to get through all of this. He’s able to calm me when I’m frustrated, he’s able to recognize when I just need space. We’re a team and despite the troubles we’re faced with, we know everything will turn out just fine. Now to just figure out how all the kids will fit in the Armada. #MomProblems

XO, Sabrina.

29 Week BUMP-Date

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

I should start with, I knew there would be risks going into this pregnancy. However, I have a lot of faith in my OB and I wanted to be able to fulfill our families dream of completion.

We took this risk in good faith and have zero regrets.

Just shy of two weeks ago, we were placed on bedrest. And not jus the rest while you’re not at work kind. Unfortunately, we’ve hit the absolute bedrest until babies are born kind. This puts a huge financial stress on us, even though I’m not supposed to be stressing. (Insert eye roll here). I know, I know it’ll all be okay. It’s just tough! I don’t wasn’t expecting to be out of the game this early.

Furthermore, the babies are expected anywhere from two weeks from now to seven weeks from now. Would we prefer seven weeks from now, heck yes! However, we’re also prepared for the worst case scenario. They seem to be cozy so long as I’m not sitting upright, standing, or doing much of anything at all. Ha, I’m not kidding. Any thing other than resting kicks up some Braxton-Hicks that develop into contractions. Additionally, we’re facing pregnancy related tachycardia. So, when I say I “can’t breathe” it’s just my heart going from 90’s to 160’s…

Here’s a bump pic for y’all. It’s not much but they’re in there!

I don’t have much else of an update y’all. I’ll be here in bed.. if y’all have any ideas on what I can do besides Netflix and chill… you just send them my way!

XO, Sabrina.

28 Week BUMP-Date!


What’s happening this week in our BUMP date?

Hello and welcome back to The Regular Ruiz’s. We have a quick bump date for you. We’re T-Minus 4-10 weeks from being done! And while that seems like a long time, I promise you we’re freaking out over here!

We’re currently on semi-permanent bed rest due to the boys attempting to escape. One could argue it’s not their fault as we’ve found I have an extremely irritable uterus. The great news is the boys are still inside and happy.

So, while on bedrest I’ll be doing absolutely, seriously. I’m not allowed to even stand up more than ten minutes. 😑 But we’re getting prepared for the room to be started, the house to be full and our hearts to be happy.

That’s all for this week.

XO, Sabrina.