27 Week BUMP-Date!

Here we are, 27 weeks along with an end in sight…ish!

9 weeks from now, or sooner, we could be holding two bouncing baby boys. How crazy is that? Not one, but TWO baby boys!

This week we got good news and some not so good news.

The good news:

  • Baby B is only 15% smaller than Baby A. Meaning he is not suffering, he is still receiving nutrients but, he is being closely monitored.
  • The pressure we’ve talked about in other posts is fairly normal.
  • We’re less than 4 weeks till “safe” and 10 weeks till approximate delivery!

The not so great news:

  • Baby A has a decreased heart rate, with a decreased blood flow via his umbilical cord. He’ll be monitored closely.
  • Baby A is once again breech and has less space to turn now.
  • Because of both babies positions we’re likely scheduling a c-section.

I’ve had a lot of debates back and forth with others about c-section. On one hand, I don’t want a c-section. Mostly because I’ve never had one, it requires a spinal block or epidural and I am all for drug free birthing. On the other hand… the thought of pushing out not one baby but, TWO babies is intimidating and I’m already exhausted. HA! I’m sure all will work out in the end however, the anticipation is super high! We have so, so much to do in what seems like so little time. We still have the room to do, the baby-q to get done and stuff to set up. I’m in a nesting mood so I’m ready to get this sha-bang started.

Since it’s Monday, I’d like to leave you with a Monday Motivational.

XO, Sabrina.

26 Weeks BUMP-Date!

Well, 26 Weeks has come and gone. We don’t have a whole lot to update on but let’s get started!

First… Isn’t it crazy that anywhere from four to ten weeks and these boys will be earth side! Hopefully no sooner than four weeks but we shall see! These boys have already given us a few runs for our money from trying to escape, to baby B being on the smaller side and now battling early signs of preeclampsia.

Second, we took out the flooring in the boys nursery, scraped up all the grout and bought mud for the walls. Next up is redoing the drywall, paint and then floors. Once we have this all done we can start assembling the nursery which I am actually really excited for! We have so far gotten two cribs, two rockers, and lots of diapers with wipes!

Third, we’re keeping a baby pool! Ha, ha, not the one’s that babies actually swim in silly! It’s a betting game that we’ll be playing from now until the babies are born. We’re doing this not only to fund raise for formula and any other necessities, we’re also doing this to have a heck of a lot of fun! We’re taking guesses from now until whenever and at $3 a guess you really can’t beat it! Plus, UNLIMITED guesses! Half will go to babies and half will go to the winner. The winner is determined by the closest date!

Finally, There is a whole heck of a lot going on in our day to day lives that we’re starting to turn down events. Not only because I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable, but also because we’ve tightened our budget quite a bit. So if we say no, please don’t think we’re not supportive or anything like that we’re just doing what’s best for all of us.

Thanks for reading ya’ll. We’ll post a bump picture later today! Stay tuned and feel free to message us about the pool if you want in!

XO, Sabrina

23 Week BUMP-Date!

It appears as though the weeks are flying by now!

23 weeks have come, and gone. We’re starting to prepare for the perhaps inevitable… pre-term birth. The boys have tried to escape twice. Luckily, nothing major has ensued as of yet.

To prepare there are several things we need to do, or rather should do prior to their births. The main things we need to do include the nursery, purchasing car seats, cribs and weighting up the boys.

Currently, each boy is still under 1 lb. Under doc’s orders, I should be eating roughly 2,650 calories a day. Guess what’s not happening? I’m not eating 2,650 calories a day. Perhaps because its impossible! I’m still vomiting 2-3x a day and I’m truly just not “hungry”. I consider myself lucky if I get breakfast and lunch in, and perhaps a very small dinner. I’m working on this, I swear!

Luckily, I have a great support system of people both at home and at work. Just today, a lovely friend recommended ice cream, all of the ice cream. I do love Smoothie King’s “The Hulk”… mostly because it’s made of ice cream. Too bad I already did my grocery shopping for the week. *UGH!* We’ll also be trying both the Ensure and Boost drinks to try to help.

Baby B was still not fully cooperative at this week’s ultrasound. We’re still missing two shots of his palate and heart. This week both boys have changed positions, luckily they still have time to change positions again. As of this week, both boys are breech. I may or may not be secretly hoping they stay in this position thus requiring a c-section. Don’t scold me, it’s early in the game and who really wants to push two babies out of their hoo-ha?

Baby B Profile

The truth is this ya’ll.. I will be updating you constantly via this blog, our Facebook and our Instagram pages. HOWEVER, I am so freakin’ tired, I’m exhausted, and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Like contractions wise, I gotta take care of me and babies first, right? So, that’s what we’re doing now. We’re taking care of us first.

Zoram at 23 Weeks

XO, Sabrina.

22 Week BUMP-Date!

Oh my lanta, how time has flown! We are now 22 Weeks pregnant with our little men. Which means, it’s finally crunch time! The reality is, these boys can come any time within the next 10-12 weeks, preferably after 27 weeks of course!What updates do we have for you this week?

First, Baby B goes back in for his ultrasound on Friday, it’s going to be a doozy! I’m almost certain he didn’t turn back over as I haven’t felt much of him as of late.

Second, we have our glucose test the following week. If you’ve ever been pregnant you know, glucose in the orange or red bottles is absolutely disgusting. However, it’s a vital test to be done. I don’t think I have gestational diabetes, but I do get super weak from time to time if I don’t eat on a regular schedule. We shall see how that goes!

Third, let’s speak on diastasis recti. If you’ve been watching our Facebook page, I already touched base on this. It really hurts people! Diastasis recti is the literal stretching or ripping of the abdominal wall. Baby B’s positioning makes the diastasis recti much worse because I’ve never had it at the top of my abdominal wall. In short he’s ripping my abdominal muscle and it feels like a burning ripping sensation. What does help it? Ice, and sitting propped up but leaned back.

Fourth and finally, I promised you all a bump pic. And, I’m gonna say it again…I have never really “shown” until the tail ends of my pregnancies. With the exception of Caidence because she had pre-e. However, this bump is not a “bump” per say but they’re popping out there.

That’s all for this week folks.

PS – babies are the size of a papaya!

Xo, Sabrina.

20 Week BUMP-Date!

Whew, 20 weeks has FLOWN by!

In a singleton pregnancy, this is the half-way mark. However, like we explained last week, we’ve hit our half-way mark already. So, what’re we up to this week?

Major things coming up this week include our anatomy scan. We go Friday for a time dwelling, 2 hour, anatomy scan. This scan measures the boys each and every bone, their “weight” and their overall well-being. After the scan, we see our MFM which is a fancy acronym for a specialist. There shouldn’t be any big updates here. After that we head over to our regular OB for a check-up. What a day Friday is going to be!

The boys have finally began to move, sometimes this is a lot, other times not so much. Because both boys have anterior placentas, we probably wont feel a ton of movement till 24 weeks or so. But, the one big movement we did have Zoram got to feel and that in itself was life changing.

Another major thing is…I AM BACK TO DAY SHIFT! Whooo! well, I guess a little whoo. I was super excited, but I forgot how expensive day shift can be. Childcare is taken care of for now, but boy will it become more difficult when the boys are born.

Minor things…

I have yet to gain a pound. But, the boys are certainly poking out more these days. No pictures to prove such though!

The pressure of the boys has increased incredibly. My guess is that Baby A has changed positions causing Baby B to push further up and causing this pressure. Guess we’ll find out on Friday!

Babies are now each the size of banana’s!

That’s all for this week folks, looking forward to our big update next weekend!

Xo, Sabrina.