GERD& Chiropractor’s.

Do you have a happy spitter or a true reflux baby? That’s the question I’ve heard over and over again. If you have a ‘happy spitter’, you simply have a laundry problem. However, if you have a reflux baby you truly have an ‘issue’. Let me preface this with, it is not our first rodeo with reflux. So, let’s get started!

Happy Spitters

Did you know that every baby has some form of reflux? This is due to their underdeveloped GI systems. However, there is a large difference in types of reflux. Most babies are happy spitters. They spit up, sometimes a small amount other times a large amount. The consistent thing about happy spitters is that they’re never in distress due to the spit up. Instead, they happily go about their day. There are no weight gain issues, there is no severe pain and they continue forward.


Reflux is a bit more complicated than happy spitters. Reflux involves a larger amount of spit up and possibly has pain associated. Many reflux issues are related to formula intolerances or allergies. Some reflux issues are resolved by a simple switch of formula, from one to another. Additionally, some reflux is resolved by medication such as Zantac. Zantac is a H2 blocker, or a histamine blocker. It’s meant to give relief by blocking naturally occurring histamines to reduce stomach acid.


GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. GERD is actually a disorder of the lower esophageal sphincter. The sphincter usually controls when food comes into the stomach and it should not allow food to come back out. However, with GERD the sphincter can become loose and allow the stomach acid and contents back into the esophagus. This can cause an extreme burning sensation and other symptoms. GERD can be controlled with medications, diet change and more. However, for infants GERD is much harder to control which sometimes leads to Sandifer’s Syndrome. Sandifer’s Syndrome is a whole body response to pain due to reflux. Sandifer’s makes the infants body stiffen, usually to one side this reflex to pain often looks similar to a seizure. While it can be scary, there are serious side effects from Sandifer’s.

When it comes to our history, like I stated before, this is not our first rodeo. Ten years ago, I went through the same issues with Andi. Andi was not as bad, but she was diagnosed with reflux and Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). Additionally, she had a soy intolerance. Andi’s reflux was controlled with formula (Neocate) and meds.

On the other hand, Dax is a much more complex case. Dax requires a large amount of care including medications. However, inn the spirit of making sure he is at least pain free we’re willing to try almost anything.

Reflux and Chiro.

In our endless effort to make our guy feel better, we came across chiropractors as a relief for reflux. I read countless articles, including medical journals that showed relief. So began our quest to find the right chiropractor for Dax.

I found a total of two pediatric chiropractors in Tucson. Both yielded good reviews, one better than the other. I found Switzer Family Chiropractor to have more reviews and a more inviting phone call. I scheduled an appointment and awaited anxiously for the day to arrive. That day came on 1/14. Upon arrival, the chiropractor was in the lobby. She hastily greeted me, explained the paperwork and even swung Dax in his carseat to ease his fussiness. I was shocked how gleeful the office felt, plus we were the only ones there! We immediately went back. Dr. Switzer first asked our background. She then set up her table, showed me how much pressure she’d be applying to Dax’s body and asked for permission. Before beginning with the chiro care, she cuddled Dax and made sure he was aware of her. Again, very impressed! The care was minimal, she hit pressure points on his lower back, his legs, his neck and jaw area. She checked for hiatal hernias and worked on his tight spots. You could tell by his responses in crying when it was uncomfortable or soothing. It didn’t take long, maybe twenty minutes max.

After the care, Dax was so hungry so I sat with him and fed him. Dax used to gulp bottles, I mean completley down a bottle in maybe five seconds flat. It caused a huge amount of projectile vomiting. Instead, Dax ate a bottle like a normal baby. WOAH! Huge difference in his eating. Did he still spit up? Heck yeah, but taking almost ten minutes to down a bottle is a huge improvement. As the night went on, we found more positive changes. He was no longer squirmy in our arms. Instead, he was more stretched out and calm. He went to bed easily at 8:30 PM and we did not hear a peep until 3:30 AM the next morning. HELLO SLEEP! We’ve missed you! The chiropractor had three goals for Dax by the end of the session. First, a relief from pain. Second, longer and more comfortable sleep. Third, a more routine pooping schedule. So far, we’ve hit two out of the three! Needless to say, we’ll be returning once a week for continuous relief. We’re so happy for our guy!

Xo, Sabrina.