Motivation Monday: Consistency.

Happy Monday! Are you groaning because it’s Monday again? Who said Monday’s have to be so bad? Turn your frowns upside down and let’s talk about your Monday Motivational – Consistency.

Success does not come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently.

Let me tell you what makes my Monday’s great. Want to take a guess? It’s consistency. Whether it is a day off Monday or a work day consistency makes a huge difference for me. My routine for work days includes the following:

  • Wake & Rise 3-330 AM
  • Work Out 330-4 AM
  • Shower/Freshen/Leave – 4-420 AM.

I know that this routine to others is astonishing. Who willingly wakes up at 3 AM? Shall I remind you, I have newborn twins. Getting up and working out is my only “me” time.

My days off are just slightly different. I’m still the first to wake in the home. I need that time to myself.

  • Wake & Rise 5-530 AM
  • Work Out 530-6 AM
  • Wake Girls/Start Laundry/Hot Coffee 6 AM
  • Wake Boys/Begin Day 7 AM

I’m not here to tell you that waking up early is easy. In my mind, that’s a complete lie. There are several days where I just don’t want to get up. However, it’s important to me to have time to myself. It’s important to me to invest in myself in order to have a better day. It’s important to me to be consistent.

There are several ways consistency can improve your day, and I mean every day not just Monday’s. Meal prep is a consistency that makes each day easier. Daily rituals, devotionals and more can make you a happier person.

You see the common theme here right? Now let’s talk about a different version of consistency. “New Year, New Me” – Nah, same year, same me – NEW adventures!

Do not live the same year 75 times and call it a ‘life’.

Robin Sharma

I’ll say it again, same year, same me – NEW adventures. You can still be consistent while living new adventures. Can we be honest here? It’s February already and I have yet to have an adventure. Unless you consider trips to multiple doctors adventures, ha! My goal for February is at least one family adventure, and that scares me. But, even if I take the adventure I will still be consistent in working out, making Monday’s great and enjoying our time off together.

Be consistent in taking time for you. Be consistent in adventuring. Be consistent in living a life worth living. Be consistent in making memories. Whatever you do, just be consistent!

Happy Monday!

Xo, Sabrina.

5 Minute’s Of Mom’s Time

Hey Mama, I know how you’re feeling. You’re probably just like me. You feel stuck under the weight of your family, you feel like you do everything for everyone. You know you do nothing for yourself and to be perfectly honest, you’re fed up with it. This blog post is for you.

Mom Problems

Unless you’ve been a mom (adoptive, foster, etc included), you just don’t get it. The problems we have aren’t truly problems. Instead, those problems are babies, toddlers, children and big kids all tugging in their own direction because they know they’re safe with us. It’s not a problem because we’ve adapted, we’ve survived whether they are one day old or eight-teen years old, we’ve survived. And, if we did it right, so did they! The problem is the way we’ve adapted. We’ve been taught by years and years of influencing that mom’s are last. We eat last. We bathe last. We care about ourselves, last. You’re nodding your head in agreeance here, aren’t you?

Since we know we’re last, we must be creative in our ways of “growing”. I’ve found a few ways to fit personal growth into my day, sometimes in just five minutes! I want to share these tips with you, my fellow mom. Why? Mostly so we don’t kill anybody, but also because we all deserve to water our own flowers and let them bloom!

So, You Only Have 5 Minutes.

Baby stop screaming for just a minute? Oh, he’s been sleeping for five minutes? Let’s get you some quality YOU time.

#1 – Warm your cold coffee and sip away. Take this time to reflect on how your morning went. What could have gone better? What can you do to make the day better?

#2 – Have a journal? Jot down your thoughts. Was the baby overwhelming today? Are you working towards a specific goal? How are you doing on sleep?

#3 – Phone-A-Friend. It’s hard not having any adult interaction! Feeling like you need a quick chat? Phone a friend and say hello! Most likely, they need the call just as much as you do.

#4 – Step outside for some sun. Have you been outside today? If not, step outside. Let the sun warm your face, close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you’re like me and live in the country, enjoy the silence. It’s a beautiful thing.

#5 – Eat! Quick, while you can, grab a snack! Are you hiding the Girl Scout cookies from your family? Go grab one and enjoy it. Want a healthier option? You go girl, eat that apple! You don’t have to share with anyone.

#6 – Rejuvenate your skin with a quick wash-off face mask. Close the bathroom door, start the shower for some steam and enjoy your live-in mini-spa. When the five minutes is up, wash it off and go about your day.

#7 – Read your personal development book. I gave you my favorites in “Why Reading Self-Development Books Is Key To Personal Growth”. Pick up your favorite and read as much as you can in that five minutes. Alternatively, you can finish a personal development activity such as writing down your goals.

#8 – Listen to a Podcast. There are hundreds of podcasts available! If you have an iPhone, head over to the podcast app. If you have Spotify account, you have access to several hundreds of quality podcasts. Find your niche and press play!

#9 – Pick up around the home. Something bothering you around the home, take five minutes and focus on just one thing. Tidy up and you may feel instantly better.

#10 – Just sit. Yeah, I said it. Self-care includes relaxation. May you browse Facebook, scroll through Pinterest or envision yourself successful .

I have more than five minutes.

Say what?! If you have more than five minutes to yourself a day, you can certainly expand on any of the above tips or you can dive into more.

What’s helped me the most when I have more than five minutes is to plan out my day. I use a physical planner to record what’s for dinner, my daily workout, my work schedule and so much more. It’s been really helpful in holding myself accountable. Heck, this whole blog post was planned out.

At the end of the day, the only thing we want for you is to win. Whether that means vegging out, or building yourself up.

Xo, Sabrina.

Why Reading Self-Development Books Is The Key To Personal Growth.

(This blog contains affiliate links. See my disclosure regarding affiliate links here.)

2020 – The Year of Growth! Are you on your own journey of personal growth? I sure am. 2019 was a difficult year for me, not worse than 2017 but still difficult. I put myself last in many ways and I still do, but 2020 is my year of growth.

One way I’m growing is by reading. My goal for 2020 is to read a book every month. Whether the book is fiction, self-help, self-development or simply for fun I want to read! I loved reading as a kid and getting back to reading is not only nostalgic but, great for developing minds.

When speaking of growth, I personally favor self-development books. What are self-development books, you ask? Simply put, this type of book forces you to develop a habit or trait. Take Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. I’ve read this book and couldn’t put it down! The author was inspirational, funny and most of all relatable. That’s what every self-development needs, a relatable state to the reader. If you are unable to relate you are unable to grow. In this book, Rachel Hollis’ states that she is not asking you to change your life, instead she’s encouraging you to change yourself. More so, she provides witty banter to your excuses because she’s had them too.

Self-development caters to many different people. To the single mom, to the stay at home mom, to the leaders in the workplace, to the entrepreneurs and so much more, there is a book for just about every one.

So why are self-development books so important for personal growth? Most self-development books are able to challenge your mindset. Challenging your mindset, creating habits and altering your traits are all able to cultivate growth. Furthermore, there are several workbooks, journals and guides that are able to direct you towards growth.

Here is a list of a few books I recommend:

Each book is under $20 and available via Kindle/Audible! I can’t explain how important growth is. You are never going to be ‘perfect’ but you can grow and develop into the person you want to be. The books above this can help you tremendously when you are ready to grow!

Start growing, today!

Xo, Sabrina.

Investing In Me

Last week I authored two posts that gave our readers a general idea of what we’re up to this year. To recap we’re working on bettering our finances, improving our health and making memories. One thing that resounded in my mind is investments. No, not money investments I’m not on that step yet, I’m talking about investing in yourself. When was the last time you truly poured into you? Are you a mom and constantly tending to your family but never to yourself? Are you giving all you’ve got to your spouse and nothing to you? Are you giving more to your job than you are to yourself? If you’ve answered any of these questions with a “yes”, you’ll want to keep reading.

Lack Of Care

“…they have made me the keeper of vineyards, but my own vineyard I have not kept.”

Song of Solomon 1:6

When I became a mom every one warned me. They said “you’ll have no time for yourself”. They were right. I didn’t have time for myself. When I had my second child at just nineteen years old, again they said “you’ll never be yourself again”. They were right, I was never that same person again. I had my third daughter just three years later and they said “you’re crazy, you’ll never have any money for yourself”. These common sayings infiltrated my mind, they resounded in my head throughout the next couple of years. I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the things that were said, it was worse when I was alone. So, I stopped caring about me. I put myself last and I made my kids first.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Your kids should absolutely come first but, consider this. How are you supposed to pour into your children the best of you, when there is nothing left of YOU? How are you to instill the best features of you, when you’ve hidden those features to serve everyone else? How are you to excel at a career if you are not putting your whole self forward? How are you to lean into your relationship if your only serving your partner?

It is not okay to commend lack of care. It is not okay to put ourselves at the end of the line, continuously skipping ourselves for the sake of others. It is not okay to give our children our unkept selves. It is not okay to pour into a career that does not serve us. We must choose to change or remain the same.

Invest In You

If you want to invest in something with minimal risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself.

Read that line, are you finished? Good! Go back and read it again! Make this line your daily mantra. You are an investment. Heck, you are the longest investment you’ll have. There is no amount of time or money that could deter you from investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself looks different for each person. I invest in myself in several ways. When I first realized that I was pouring from an empty cup, pouring into my children the features I didn’t want them to have, I had to take a long hard look at myself. What did I need to do to pour into me? What did it entail? Was it nutritionally, physically, emotionally? For me, it was all of the above. Nutritionally, I was either not eating or eating like crap. Physically, I quit working out because I had “no time” to work out. Emotionally, I was unavailable to everyone, I shut myself in to avoid issues. The truth is I had no time to be this way. I have kids who depend on me to be the best version of me every single day. So, I started investing in me again. I found a workout program that worked for me. I found meal prepping that wasn’t difficult. I found the same 24 hours in a day that the rest of you have and I made time to invest in me. I made myself be vocal about my emotions and started looking for journaling, devotionals and other self-care aspects to ensure I was mentally well.

I’m going to repeat this…

Every one has the same 24 hours in the day. Make the time to invest in you.

You have to invest in yourself to pour into everything else. Stop emptying your cup to fill every one else’s. Fill your cup first.

Xo, Sabrina.

How To Jump-Start Your Monday!

Monday’s, we all hate them right? I used to be the same way, I hated Monday’s. I had no logical reason to hate Monday’s. I only work two Monday’s out of the month, I generally don’t know what day it is. When I found myself hating Monday’s, I was upset. This is what I did to change it.

Find The Issue.

What is it about Monday that you dislike? Is it the rush out of the door to make it to work on time? Is it lack of preparedness? Are you missing out on precious sleep? Some where in you routine or your chaos, there is an issue. You’ve got to find the source of the issue in order to change the result. After all, repeating the same thing over and over again is considered insanity.

My issue wasn’t easy to find. I thought it was this, then that, then this again. In reality, I found that my issue was purely with myself. I would roll out of bed, exhausted, defeated, grumbly because I wasn’t happy with my routine. I wasn’t happy not working out, I wasn’t happy being unprepared and I certainly wasn’t eating/sleeping/drinking enough.

So, I have my issue..How do I fix it?

Develop A Fix.

I really want to stress something here… Fixing any issue is not as simple as saying, “Well, I won’t do that again”. That is considered a band-aid fix. Just like a band-aid loses it’s stickiness over time, so will your fix.

To develop a fix, look at your issue from multiple angles. To help, you can create a mind map if you choose. A mind map is a simple layout of steps or processes that can keep you on track. I am notorious for wanting to race through the steps, so sub-outlets are also included. Place your issue in the center, and create your steps on the outside. How many steps do you need, what can you do to be detailed? This is all of importance.

Implement Your Fix.

Again, this is not a band-aid. Let’s not rip it off too fast! Implementing your fix can take days, weeks, even months. It all depends on you. Start with your mind map, your first step. You’ll want to successfully do your first step for at least five days. If you miss a day, go back and try again. It’s not a race, it’s about making yourself better. Once you consecutively complete your first step for five days, add in your second step. You’ll keep adding steps as you go until eventually your fix will be fully implemented. This is where you’re jump-start comes in.


You’ve found your issue, you’ve identified a fix, you’ve implemented that fix. It’s now time to jump start! You’re in a routine now, you’ve shown yourself you are capable. You can do hard things. It’s your time to roll out of bed on Monday morning smiling! Share your newfound routine, enjoy friends, family and coworkers noticing your happiness. You have jump-started your Monday! And, I’ll let you in on a little known secret… The key to a good week is a great Monday!

Xo, Sabrina.